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Pulsating Feeling After Endo Brow Lift, Will it Go Away?

I had an endo brow lift 3 wks ago. My forehead feels like it is pulsating (and is driving me crazy). Sometimes I realize it is not doing it but... READ MORE

Why my Endoscopic Brow Lift Did NOT Hold? (photo)

Three weeks post surgery my brows are exactly where they were prior the surgery. My PS used sutures to secure new position. I am planning on having... READ MORE

Why is there an indentation between my eyes after endobrow lift? Will it go away? (Photo)

Had endobrow lift 3 weeks ago and there is an indentation above my left eyebrow slightly off center. Dr said this was due to cutting the nerves in... READ MORE

16 days post op Brow Lift, when will my forehead relax? (photo)

It's now been 16 days, and my eyes are still not blinking fully or staying fully closed when I relax. As a reminder, I had an endoscopic brow lift... READ MORE

Brow Lift Accident 3 Weeks Later?

I had a metal stuff from oone of those that fell from the shower to left side of the back if my head . my left brow has continued to descend all the... READ MORE

Day 25 No Improvement with Vision After Browlift?

Well I'm on day 25 and still no improvement with vision. Opthomologist ordered CT which came out normal. Both plastic surgeon and Opthomologist are... READ MORE

"Sinus" pain/pressure after brow lift. Do I have an infection?

I am three weeks post-brow lift and lower eyelid surgery. For the past two weeks I've had what appeared to be sinus pressure and pain, mostly on the... READ MORE

I had a brow lift done about 3 weeks ago and still have absolutely no movement in one eyebrow. Any suggestions?

In addition to having no movement in my right eyebrow. The top of my head is completely numb. Is this normal and if so how long does it usually take... READ MORE

I had a brow and forehead lift. Can I fly in a week? I am 3 weeks post surgery now.

The visible swelling has gone but I still have considerable pain my feels bruised at touch all over. READ MORE

I had a brow lift and face lift 3 weeks ago. I have developed this thick skin on the one incision. (photo)

What is this called and how is it best to be treated? I have also lost my hair around this area. READ MORE

Why is my right eyelid sagging after a brow lift 3 weeks post op? (Photos)

I had a brow lift and my right eye lid is sagging more then my left eye. It's quite noticeable and people are commenting on it. I know nothing heals... READ MORE

Endoscopic brow lift - one sided pain.

I had a brow lift 3 weeks ago and one side of face is still numb and I am having trouble with muscles. There is a bump on brow that is very painful.... READ MORE

Wanted bilateral bleph but surgeon insisted on brow lift. Was supposed to be on hairline but it's right above my brows? (photo)

They hurt 3 weeks post surgery x i am so depressed and lost my confidence going out in public I cannot believe my surgeon has done this to me... READ MORE

Wunderbrow 3 weeks post direct brow surgery (Photos)

I had a direct brow lift 3 weeks ago. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome and I can see long term my brows are going to look great. However, as... READ MORE

Can brow lift surgery speed the metabolic absorption of Voluma and Juvaderm fillers?

I had injected both Voluma and Juvaderm fillers in my cheeks and chin area two to four months before my surgery. I have noted my facial "dents" are... READ MORE

Can sensory nerve involvement cause an earache after an endoscopic brow lift?

I keep reading that this type of brow lift has minimal pain, but one side of my head continues to throb and my ear aches now? It has been a little... READ MORE

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