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Brow Lift Failure - Options to Fix?

Doctor says anchor points for coronal brown lift didn't hold. Now eyes are too close to brow & have a "mean look, w/eye bruising near... READ MORE

Forehead completely dented after browlift- what to do next (photo)?

Brow lift 3 months ago. Very visible denting over eyebrows, between eyes and middle forehead. Some visible in photos taken very day after surgery. Dr... READ MORE

Taking Forever to Heal from Endoscopic Brw Lift. ( 3 Months Post Op)?

Hi. I am 3 months post op from an endo brow lift and am still having the following symptoms. !)My right side brow still does not move. (My left one... READ MORE

Why does my forehead still swell up in the afternoon/evening three month after the operation?

I had a forehead, neck and face lift, all at the same time about three month ago. While, visibly everything looks normal now, I still feel swelling... READ MORE

When should I start to worry about no hair growth in the VERY LARGE coronal brow lift scar? (Photo)

I had a coronal brow lift 3 months ago. The scar seems to be getting bigger and is progressively getting more difficult to hide & actually getting... READ MORE

Is it possible my body is rejecting the endotine fasteners used during my Browlift?

Had brow lift with endotine exactly 3 months ago. I have severe pain as if I am being shocked when I touch the nobs where they were placed, pain when... READ MORE

Brows lower 3 months after endoscopic brow lift. Extreme puckering with sutures. Is puckering avoidable? (photo)

Endoscopic brow lift did not hold and brows are now lower than prior and eyelids more hooded. Dr removed sutures on day 11 and claims now, they should... READ MORE

How long does it take for a Brow Lift to heal completely? I had mine done in Dec. area above brows is lump of muscle. (photos)

I had a brow lift at the hairline in Dec. I'm happy with brow the position. I have an issue with my forehead. Before surgery, if I lifted my brows I'd... READ MORE

Is it OK to go scuba diving after brow lift and otoplasty?

Hi! I am writing to you because I had a brow lift performed 3 months and a half ago and I really enjoy scuba diving. I wish to know if it is already... READ MORE

Asymmetrical face post right lateral eyebrow lift? I feel ugly.

I had a right lateral eyebrow lift three months. It seems as though my forehead and the right side of my face are swollen. My right eye also looks as... READ MORE

Coronal browlift. Will the hair grow back? Using minoxidil & finesteride for 10 yrs & had FUE & FUT before. Opinions pls (Photo)

37 male, coronal brow lift 14 wks ago.Regretful!. Doc said he bevelled incisions & was careful with scalp so hair would all grow back over 6 mths &... READ MORE

3 months post-op Brow lift - Can this be fixed? How? (photo)

Apparently my frontalis muscle was cut not removed but the bottom half of my forehead is still wrinkly, the top half is a shiny ball and I still need... READ MORE

Ear Incision Healing - 3 1/2 months post op (Photo)

Healing progress of right ear incisions vastly different from left ear. Right - red, tragus white, skin appears thin Left - no redness around tragus,... READ MORE

Stabbing pain when I move my head after endotine brow lift

Hi I am 3 months post opp I had upper and lower eye surgery with a row lift recently the lump in my forehead has become painful if I move my forehead... READ MORE

Forehead dent 3 months after brow lift and forehead recontouring with coronal incision? (Photos)

3 months ago I had a browlift with a coronal incision as part of a forehead recontouring procedure (forehad and brow bone shaving). 2 weeks later I... READ MORE

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