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Eyebrow Dropping After Lateral Browlift

Hello, I had a bilateral browlift 5 weeks 1 day ago and feel that my eyebrows have dropped a lot since the op. My surgeon said they will drop some,... READ MORE

Scalp Pain After Endo Brow Surgery?

I had an endo brow and face lift 1 month ago. I still have numbness around my ears and forehead which I understand is normal at this stage. My concern... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op, full Smas Face Lift, Browlift, upper and Lower Lids. Unhappy, Is This My Final Result?

My forehead still has all the same wrinkles,,between the brow also. i dont see my brow any higher then before.also my jowl lines are back. im so... READ MORE

How Long for Eyebrows to Settle into Place After Brow Bossing? (photo)

I had brow bossing and a brow lift exactly one month ago. My forehead is still healing and a little swollen. I'm pleased with my new look.... READ MORE

Can this pain be nerve pain? Throbbing/tight/strange sensation to right side of head and temple area after brow lift.

5 wks post brow lift. I initially had a swollen knot on forehead that has improved. Daily I have a constant tight feeling to right side of head with a... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for the Forehead to Reattach After a Brow Lift Using Endotine?

I have endotine implants for the browlift. I am afraid they are going to become detached or slip. It has been 5 weeks since my browlift, is my skin... READ MORE

Does this seem right for an open brow lift? It looks hideous. What can be done to help flatten and minimize my scar? (Photo)

Its been 1 month since my brow lift. As the swelling subsided I saw I still had a couple deep horizontal lines and even 1 vertical. I went this route... READ MORE

Why do I have such severe pain behind left endotine a month after brow lift?

This week I have literally screamed out in pain if I lay down on my left side, bend over to pick something up or just move certain ways. It is... READ MORE

Forehead Indentation after wearing hat 4 weeks post brow lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 4 wks post lower FL, upper bleph, and endo brow lift. Yesterday, I was working outside for several hours wearing a big SPF 50 hat. It was hot.... READ MORE

V-beam Laser or Similar to Scar After Anterior Brow Lift?

Hi. I had an anterior brow lift 5 weeks ago. I'm healing well and I'm happy with the result. I was told I'd have (and I do have) a visible scar in... READ MORE

Coagulated Soft Tissue After a Brow Lift

I had an ear to ear browlift one month ago. It looked great at first until I developed a large goose egg running vertically down my forehead. The... READ MORE

How Long After Endobrow Before I Can Go Scuba Diving? (photo)

My doctor said it would be okay at 7 weeks, but I'm now at 3.5 weeks, and the surgery seems to have failed. Brow is heavy and drooping. Concerned... READ MORE

Brow surgery; why are there bumps on my head after 30 days?

Had brow surgery have bumps top of head it's been 30,days READ MORE

Should I still be having a headache one month after endoscopic brow lift?

All heeling well, looks great, but the headache is sever, everyday. I have the normal shocking pain and itchy on top of my head, but the headache is... READ MORE

Will the sutures still be appearing after brow lift surgery? 1 month post-op.

I had a brow lift surgery 1 month ago i don't know the name of the surgery but it wasn't an endoscopic surgery ,my doctor made 2 openings above my... READ MORE

Is it normal to have overly arched brows after Brow Lowering Procedure?

I had surgery a month ago to correct my previous Brow lift procedure because it was overly to high, I wanted my brows lowered to a more relaxed shape,... READ MORE

I had a lateral browlift over 6 weeks ago and still have stitches, should they be removed?

He said they would probably dissolve but that if they didn't, he would remove them at my follow up appointment about 6 weeks after surgery. I still... READ MORE

Pain after brow lift 5 weeks post op (Photo)

Hello x I am experiencing bruise pain still under the scar 5 week post op xx I have been massaging with Vit E constantly . Is the pain and tingling... READ MORE

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