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Nipple Healing After Surgery: White Scab

I had a breast reduction and then had implants put into both breasts to deal with asymetry. im happy overall but im noticing that the breast where the... READ MORE

Having Pain As Well As White Stringy Substance Coming From Drains 1 Week Post Op. What To Do?

The place where my drains are placed hurt really bad. Also I have white string like stuff coming out into the bulbs, is this normal? The pain... READ MORE

3.5 weeks post op breast reduction/lift. Small wound appeared at the T junction, now turned into small hole! (photos)

Is this normal? The sound which k found a week ago had looked like maybe the scab fell off at the T junction. Doctor is out of town and normally... READ MORE

Black scab after breast reduction, has something gone wrong? (Photo)

I am 16 days post op. I just saw my PS 3 days ago. I had some black scabbing at the bottom and she said it was normal. I am just showering with Dial... READ MORE

Should I be concerned? Breast reduction over 1yr ago. Pus oozing from nipple. (photo)

So 1yr ago I had a reduction from 36k to now a 36DD. One breast became extremely infected(right breast), went to ER took meds(ok now). So the left... READ MORE

I have a white matter showing on my incision after breast reduction surgery. (photos)

I am almost three weeks post op. I had a breast reduction and lift. I have had a slight yellow drainage from both breasts. Mostly from the horizontal... READ MORE

Had breast reduction about 5 weeks ago & there is a white scab at the T-junction. Should I be worried? Is it infected? (Photos)

There is no pain or fluid or anything, just the scab has been getting bigger and more red. I'll post comparison pictures. I have been using Strataderm... READ MORE

Normal healing of nipple necrosis? Can anyone give me a time frame? Breast reduction. No implants. (Photos)

Is this area of necrosis healing normally? It was first a black scab then my PS did slight debriding and revealed dark red tissue under. Now it's... READ MORE

Breast reduction 1 year ago and noticing white stuff coming out of incision holes. Still have holes from surgery.

White thick stuff coming out of incision holes a year after breast reduction surgery and incision holes are still open and they hurt READ MORE

What is this white stuff on my incision line from a breast reduction/lift? 3 weeks post-op. (Photo)

I had a breast reduction/lift on 06/28. I've already gone back for both my post opp appointment's. However, today laying on my back I noticed little... READ MORE

White rash on breasts 2 weeks post op. Should I be worried? (photos)

I've been breaking out in a white water blister type rash on my left breast and upper part of my belly. I thought it was related to the heat & my... READ MORE

Why do I have white areas on the JP site under my breasts?

I had a breast reduction & tummy tuck 2 weeks ago, the JP sites on my breasts have white tissue. The left breast has some darkening of the skin and... READ MORE

Little open circles at the bottom of the stem with white/yellow stuff in then. (photos)

I'm almost a month post off now. My doc release to me drive home cause I live out of the state I got it done. Not sure I need to worry or go to the a... READ MORE

White scab on incision after breast reduction. (Photo)

I had a breast reduction two weeks ago and had a different dry dressing on the T section whilst it could scab properly. This has happened however I... READ MORE

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