Time Off Work + Breast Reduction

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4-6 Weeks Off Work Normal After Breast Reduction?

I thought I had been told by my doctor that I would be off work for 1-2 weeks, but when I called to schedule the surgery the scheduling nurse said it... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Breast Reduction if There Are No Complications?

How much time do most patients need off of work provided there are no complications from a breast reduction? Thank you READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Take off for a Breast Reduction As a Nurse?

I am thinking about getting a reduction from my 34DDD on a 5ft tall average frame and yes I do have so weight to loose but running is horribly painful... READ MORE

How Soon After Breast Reduction Can I Begin Lap Swimming?

I plan on getting a breast reduction done at the beginning of November, once cross country is over. Practice for swim team begins several weeks after... READ MORE

Realistically, How Soon After a Breast Reduction Can I, a Hair Stylist, Return to Work?

Massive breasts need a reduction, concerned about holding arms up at work, shampooing clients, etc READ MORE

What kind of ointment can I place on my scars after a breast reduction? (Photo)

It's been 5 months and I still haven't put any type of ointment for dryness and Scar revision? What is the best ointment for that? I also have a scar... READ MORE

How long should I take off for recovery? First graders have no mercy! (Photo)

I am currently 22 years old, 5 foot 6 inches, 130 pounds and a 28 G. I teach very active first graders and am hoping to undergo a reduction over... READ MORE

Can I transform my 34HH breasts to a full B cup or C cup? How long would I be out of work? I'm 29

I am fearful of surgery but I no longer think I have an option. I'm in pain & hate to even look down at my breast. I am wearing between a 34HH-36HH... READ MORE

When to Return to Work After TT & BR Combination Surgery?

I'm planning a TT & BR together. Realistically, when should I be able to return t work? I have a desk job. READ MORE

How soon can I go to school after a breast reduction?

I am in high school. I have talked to my mom and have an appointment set up with my doctor to talk about getting a breast reduction. I am a 38 L and... READ MORE

Can I Return to Work 2 Weeks After BR Surgery?

What can I expect during the recovery in terms of pain and fatigue? Is it realistic to return to work just 2 weeks post surgery? I work in retail and... READ MORE

Is a Breast Reduction covered by FMLA?

I want to get a brazilian butt lift&need 3 wks off work, cant afford using pto,need that for a vac in Aug. I know bbl is not covered by fmla but what... READ MORE

How long do you recommend to be off work after breast reduction?

My consultant had told me I'd be off for 6-8 weeks but I'm really surprised by this as many others have returned to work after 2 weeks. I am a school... READ MORE

Is 3 days too soon to return to work after Breast Reduction? (Desk job)

I'm having breast reduction surgery in 2 weeks. I work at a desk, with minimal movement. My surgery is scheduled for a Friday afternoon and I would... READ MORE

I am a size 38H bra and BMI of 32. I live alone, should I be considering a breast reduction?

How long should I take off work? Am thinking of going to a size D cup, is this still too big or small? I am unable to get insurance due to a pre... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Surgery: How long to take off of work? (photos)

Hello! I am 18 years old and I am planning on getting a breast reduction mid-December. I am currently 126 pounds, 5'4", and size 32E-F. I have plenty... READ MORE

Scheduled for Breast Reduction in August. How long will I need to take off from work.

Scheduled for breast reduction in August. I have an administrative type of job. Mostly at desk/computer, etc. What is realistic time to be off from... READ MORE

Having Breast Reduction and Work in a Child Care, How Long Off-Work?

Kids 6 Months to 5 Yrs . How long should I be out of work ? My days are filled with bending, lifting, carrying, running, and kids at times plowing... READ MORE

After a Breast Reduction when is It Safe to Return to Work? I Am a Flight Attendant.

After a breast reduction when is it safe to return to work? I am a flight attendant and I spend 10hrs plus, 5-6 days in a row.. In the air. I have my... READ MORE

Breast reduction and Axillery Liposuction at the same time; what is the recovery? (Photo)

Hi, I am getting a breast reduction, and the doctor suggested Axillery liposuction at the same time ? I was wondering if this affects the recovery... READ MORE

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