Post-op + Breast Reduction

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Delayed wound healing

Hi all, I have a question concerning a wound. I got the BR on march 24th. (It's my second breast reduction, I had one at 15 years old) Its now... READ MORE

3 Months Post-Op Breast Reduction - Already Sagging - What Can I Do? (Photo)

Just Got a Breast Reduction I Am Not Happy my Breast Are Saging Already Its Only Bin Three Months. READ MORE

Breast reduction healing well, but nipples are asymmetrical. Will they ever be symmetrical again?

Nipples are at different heights. I got slightly more taken out of my right breast due to asymmetry before. My PS said over time it may change but its... READ MORE

What Should I Do? A Breast Reduction Question....

I'm getting a breast reduction on 8/21 and I only have a bathtub, no shower. I see a lot people talking about when the doctors say its ok to shower... READ MORE

What Breast Reduction post op recovery/ aftercare would you suggest for someone who lives alone?

Just about every review I've read regarding post op, the ladies have had help (spouse, family, roomate etc). I live alone & am curious as to how I... READ MORE

Who specializes in breast reduction? I'm looking all over Florida. (Photos)

I will travel anywhere in the state but my next surgeon needs to be is reasonable with the amount of post-op visits. Even a hour drive when you're... READ MORE

How does a surgeon prep for a breast reduction?

Before you operate, do you read over the patient's entire file? Do you do this right before or the night before? Also, What type of post-op notes do... READ MORE

How many post op visits are required after a breast reduction?

For an out of state patient how long should you plan on staying before returning home? READ MORE

My first PS consultation: he expressed concern regarding a scar above my right breast from a melanoma wide area excision?(photo)

His concern is that there may not be adequate blood supply to the nipple post surgery, causing the nipple to "die", if you will. He would not know the... READ MORE

Wanted to find out if I will be ok without anyone to help me after I have had my breast reduction surgery?

Because I am by myself don't have anyone to help me. Will I be able to wash myself make myself food make a cup of tea or go to the toilet by myself? I... READ MORE

What do I need for post op at home?

I am scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, August 10. When at my pre-op appointment, I forgot to ask- what do I need to have at home for wound care... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a burning sensation in your chest years after a breast reduction?

My breast reduction was performed almost 4 years ago, but whenever I'm not wearing a bra, I experience the burning. Is this normal? READ MORE

What should I get to survive post surgery?

My surgery is scheduled for June 7. I'm wondering what kind of preparation I should do. Any suggestions for the "little things" people can not... READ MORE

Is fat necrosis after breast reduction common?

I've seen some after surgery photos where women suffer from this. What is the likelihood of it happening? What factors increase your risk? I'm 28 with... READ MORE

Best exercises to do post-op to gradually regain strength and flexibility?

I am super excited to have my BR surgery in less than two weeks. I'm ready to be free from pain and finally feel good about my body! I know that... READ MORE

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