Odor + Breast Reduction

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I noticed an odor from right breast incision, causing leakage and offensive smell. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi,over the last couple of days I have noticed an odour form my right breast,it's not foul more a weeping smell I do what've some yellowish fluid... READ MORE

I Am Noticing a Nasty Odor Around the Nipple Graft Area, Could It Be Infected?

I had a breast reduction one and a half weeks ago. Although I shower daily and change the dressings, I am noticing an odor from the nipple graft area.... READ MORE

I Have a Foul Ordor Coming from my Breast? (photo)

I am scared about my PS debreing my breast, what more does he have to do? I noticed a fould ordor coming from this breast (right breast) Do I have a... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post BR. My steri strips are falling off and there's a foul odor with yellow pus. Is it an infection? (Photo)

Hi i am 2 wks post op and my steri strips are starting to fall off and as you can see in the photos i noticed that i am leaking a yellowish pus from... READ MORE

How Can I Be Helped to Repair my Breast? (photo)

After breast reduction my areola's pulled off with the tape each day. And there is a open wound that smells on top of the right breast. they are also... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Reduction, Odor and Puss Coming From Incision?

The area from under the nipple where the stiches are is a black red colour with some puss. Today I noticed that there is a smell coming from it. I had... READ MORE

Is the pain and odor in my armpit post breast reduction a gland infection?

After my breast reduction my right armpit was extremely painful. Two weeks post op and the pain is a little tender. Now I have extremely bad odor.... READ MORE

The stitches are has become very red and smelly. Is this infected? (photo)

Under my right breast, where the stitches are has become very red and smelly, isn't healing as well as my left breast which looks a lot cleaner than... READ MORE

10 days PO breast reduction and lift with foul odor. Should I change my bandage?

My sterile strips are coming off of the bottom of my breast and there is a fowl odor coming from them that i cannot stand. I called my doctor and I... READ MORE

Is this a serious infection? (Photo)

Hi, I am four weeks post off from breast reduction surgery. When my steri strips were taken off in week 2, there was an odour and it was determined... READ MORE

Foul odor coming from under breast or areola nipple area; how do I get my wound to dry up? Breast reduction, 2 weeks pp.

My surgeon said I don't have necrosis but I think I do, he hasn't said what I should put on it he just wants me to wait it out.I keep dressing on it... READ MORE

My steri stripes were removed 3 wks post op and I am still draining a yellow odored liquid under my breasts?

I have to apply gause and tape everyday under my breasts. I change Gause and clean it several times a day. My surgeon said it was normal and said just... READ MORE

Open wounded op for breast reduction after having breast cancer. Any suggestions?

I wash it regular pat dry properly using iodine dressing and mepore is this normal its open from nipple down had op on 26/01/15 oozing yellowish pus... READ MORE

Is it normal to get pimples under your breast after surgery?

I have what appears to be a pimple underneath my breast after a breast reduction. When i squeeze the pimple, it releases an odory pus. It keeps... READ MORE

A smell, is that normal?

I have had this same smell aince I came home from the hospital and can't figure out what it is. There isn't any discharge that I see, is it normal to... READ MORE

Heavy leakage from reduction. How should I treat this?

My reduction was on Dec 10. 2015. My breast were huge 40 DDD. No drains were inserted. I've had a non stop fever. Went twice to the ER and the surgeon... READ MORE

Could it be that the restructuring of the breast or lymph vessels is causing an unusual odor in sweat glands under the arm?

4 weeks post op, no complications. A day or two after surgery, I noticed a 'differnet' odor coming from my armpits. READ MORE

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