Knots + Breast Reduction

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What does scar tissue feel like?

My breast reduction surgery was july 14, 2014. I have some really hard ball like knots around my nipple area and underneath my breast. Is this scar... READ MORE

Is Tension Knots in my Neck and Shoulders Due to Size 34G Bra Size?

I am a 34G and have really bad knots in my shoulder and neck. I wanted to know if I got a breast reduction, would it help tp relax my shoulders? I... READ MORE

Is this scar tissue one year after surgery?

I am a little over 1 year post op. and have found a hard painful knot in my left breast.Could this be scar tissue this far after surgery? READ MORE

What to Do About Breast Reduction Quarter Size Opening at T Spot and Lump/knot Along Anchor and Dog Ears? (photo)

I had BR May 20th & have a knot & also have a qtr size hole at the T spot. Dr saw it 2 weeks ago(hole only) & said only put a bandage over... READ MORE

I'm Black and Recently Had Reduction at 71. Healing and Uneven Size Are Problems. Is It Normal to Have Pain and Feel Knots?

Before surgery my right breast was the larger yet the left is now larger and had open oozing wounds weeks after the right healed and is droopier.... READ MORE

Hard baseball size knot 3.5 months post opp Breast Reduction. Can this be reversed? (photo)

I am 28 and went from GG to a C or D on September 3, 2014. My right breast was bigger and never drained. I now have a hard fat necrotic tissue mass... READ MORE

Extremely unsatisfied with Breast Reduction 2 years ago. I want a revision. How small is physically possible? (photos)

My volume was barely reduced at all. I still maintain my pre-op cup size. It never went down. Nipple sensation & ability to lactate is gone. I want a... READ MORE

Concern. What to do about this hard knot? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction on June22,2015. I went frm 36 DDD to 36 C. I perfered a B cup due ro pains I was experiencing with my back. But anywho i am... READ MORE

1 year question after breast reduction; marble sized knot at the Center of the T closure?

1 year post op after breast reduction I have a marble sized knot at the Center of the T closure. I had it ultrasound which they wanted to do a biopsy.... READ MORE

6 months post op breast reduction, knot above nipple and hardness where incision line is. Is this normal?

I noticed a knot a few months ago above my nipple, where the stitching was done,its still there today.Also when laying on my back,its still hard above... READ MORE

What are the lumps in my breasts, six days post surgery?

I'm six days post surgery. Both breasts have hard lumps in them. Not the whole breast but tissue "knots" here and there. The inside part where they... READ MORE

Swelling/Knots present along crease incision 11 days post breast reduction.

I had a breast reduction 11 days ago. I had bilateral drains removed 7 days post op, and I have sutures yet to be removed in 3 days. Yesterday I... READ MORE

Large knot deep inside lower quadrant of right breast?

Called dr office today to ask for order for mammogram. Concerned about this knot. They said wait six months. Surfery was in July. Wait till January!?... READ MORE

Are lumps/knots normal 2 years + after a breast reduction?

I had a Brest reduction Feburary 2013 and developed MRSA in both breast 6 weeks after initial surgery and had to have other surgeries to clean the... READ MORE

Breast reduction 10 months ago but both whole breasts still hard?

Very hard breast but not swollen. Mainaly across the whole under side and outer edge, also above nipple. Rather than small hard knots the entire... READ MORE

After 5 months of surgery two knots appear in the other breast.

I had a breast reduction 12/23/15, last month I had a nice think lump appear following some pain. My doctor ordered it to be x-ray, then they... READ MORE

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