H To DD Cup + Breast Reduction

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I Wear Size 32H, Hoping to be Size 32DD After Reduction, How Many CCs Would that Require? (photo)

I am 5'4", 150 lbs. I am beginning to schedule consultations for a reduction and/or lift. Approximately how many CCs will be removed for this... READ MORE

How Much Does Swelling Add to the Cupsize? (photo)

Hi I am 4 weeks post op and things seem to be going ok. I had a lot of bruising to start out with. That has since started to disappear over the past... READ MORE

How Large Can my Breasts Be After Reduction? (photo)

My details.. I am 5'10" and I weigh 213lbs. I carry a lot of muscle on my frame. I recently lost 25 pounds and I will probably lose 15-20... READ MORE

Is nipple discoloration a cause for concern and will my breast size get much smaller? (Photo)

I'm 10 days post op and am wanting to know if I should be concerned about my left areola looking so pale and different. Also , I was a 38H prior to... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post op, and my goal size was DD. Am I too small? Am I healing ok? (Photo)

Ok so I am kind of freaking out. I talked with my prior to surgery and was clear my end goal size I wanted to me was a firm perky DD. I started prior... READ MORE

42H to DDD Reduction (Metroplus Healthplan)? (photos)

I have been a 42H since I was 16, now I'm 21. I've been trying to get a reduction from 16, but no doctor wanted to operate on a minor much less one... READ MORE

Will going from a 38-H down to a DD with a breast reduction help my wife's condition?

My wife is 38, 5'8", 175 lbs. She has breast, neck, shoulder, and back pain. She has tried everything recommended by the Dr. prior to looking into a... READ MORE

How long should I expect to keep having fat necrosis post BR? (Photo)

I've had a BR from a 36H to approx DD cup (yet to be measured). I was told no bras just vest top with gauze inside for x2wks. I am now in post op... READ MORE

Fluid filled bulges or unremoved breast tissue? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction on August 20, 2014. I went from a H cup to a DD cup. I have these two egg shaped bulges on the side of my breasts. It looks... READ MORE

H To DD at 3 weeks post op - Is this a significant reduction? (Photo)

My doctor did a great job on my surgery - no would healing issues, took the axillary tisse out of the sides of my breasts, etc. My doctor cautioned me... READ MORE

Am I going to lose my nipples? (Photo)

I'm going to be having a breast reduction & lift on Aug 14th. Went to my pre op today & he seemed concerned on how big & low my nipples... READ MORE

Should I seek another dr to make me smaller? My breasts might not look that big but I can't fit anything less than dd bras. (pho

I had vertical reduction almost 3mo ago. I was a 34h, now barely squeeze into 34dd. I know it's not about size but the point was I wanted smaller... READ MORE

I had Breast Reduction about a year and a half ago. I went from a 36 H to a 36DD and I'm not sure I have sensation on my nipples

I don't have sensation on my nipple, if I rub them or touch them I don't feel anything, and I definelty don't feel anything in the areola. Unless I... READ MORE

Should I try losing weight first or get a breast reduction?

I am 23 years old. I weigh 165 pounds. I currently wear either a 34H or 36G. In high school (age 17) I weighed 120 and was a 32DDD. Should I get a... READ MORE

How many grams typically are removed going from a 40h bra size to DD?

I am currently 240 lbs. and 5'8". I am a 40H in bra size. I am trying to obtain a breast reduction and have it paid through my insurance. I have... READ MORE

I wear a 40 H bra could I go down to a double D? And will the weight move to under my armpits if my weight fluctuates?

How long is down time? I am a swimming instructor. I have been everywhere from a 38DD to now a 40H. How do I begin to get this covered by insurance?... READ MORE

How long after breast liposuction should I be having pain and swelling?

I am 3 weeks after breast lipo hopefully reducing from 10H to approx DD cup. The pretty extensive bruising is mainly resolved but I'm still very sore... READ MORE

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