H To D Cup + Breast Reduction

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40 H Breasts. Will 700 and 800 Grams Be Enough Removed to Be a Side D or DD Post Op (photo)

I am 32 years old. presently 225lbs and loosing weight before surgery. I am having breast reduction to remove 700 grams from one side and 800 grams... READ MORE

What type of technique would you use for my breast reduction? 22 y/o, 5'4", 120 lb college student - 32G/H to 32D (Photo)

Hi Doctors! I am strongly considering having a BR. I was curious as to what type of technique you would use in my situation ? By technique, I mean... READ MORE

Will my Nipple Projection Come Back? (photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op from a breast reduction, and I'm very happy with my results! I was a 38H, and I'm now fitting into a 38D. I had 1025gr on the... READ MORE

Huge breasts. What size can I go down to? (Photo)

I am a size 34h and having breast reduction using the lolipop procedure. At what size can I go down too I would like to be a d cup with perkier breast... READ MORE

I’m 23 and Having a BR in August. I Am a 38H and Would Like to Go Down to a 38D. Will I Have to Do the FNG?

When I had my consultation with my PS, he stated that I wouldn't have to do the Free nipple graft but I did not tell him what size I wanted to achieve... READ MORE

Went from a H/I Aiming to Be a C/D, Breasts Getting Larger, Tissue Spreading Below Incision?

Out over 500cc in all. At the 6-week mark I was a 32 DD/DDD. I notice lately breast tissue seems to be spreading down below the horizontal incision at... READ MORE

When is Lipo Not Necessary with an Anchor BR?

I am scheduled for a BR in Aug., and my PS never mentioned using lipo, and at that time, I didn't know to ask. I won't meet with him again until the... READ MORE

Can I get a Breast reduction from a 32H to a 32D?

Hi! Im 18 years old, I really want a breast reduction so badly, at the moment I am a 32H and i have been this size since 14. I weigh at the moment... READ MORE

Considering a Breast Reduction - lose weight first? How small should I go? (Photo)

I am a 10H/12G; 74kg and 170cm. I have been considering a breast reduction for a couple years but have been told to lose weight first. I lost 15kg... READ MORE

Uneven breasts and deformed looking areolas after Breast reduction surgery. Could it be corrected?(photos)

I had breast reduction and lift surgery 6 weeks ago. I went from an H cup to a D cup. I have a split at the T- junction of my right Breast that is... READ MORE

How much breast tissue removal is needed to go from a H cup to a D cup?

I am 5'3 175 lbs and wear a 34 H cup. I have decided to get a reduction but im afraid my insurance wont approve it based on the tissue removal amount.... READ MORE

Whats the best thing to do to avoid boxy boobs and looking pregnant post reduction?

Whats the best thing to do to avoid boxy boobs and looking pregnant post reduction? I am little on the large size of 220lbs with size 38 H cup hoping... READ MORE

Uneven nipples after breast reduction w/ lift on December 3rd 2015. What do you think I should do?

I have noticed that my right nipple is more medial and higher w/ the left being more lateral. The left breast is slightly larger too. I am happy with... READ MORE

My doctor wants to remove my nipples and create false ones. Is this necessary?

False ones...will not have any feeling of couse.. Had a mammogram so I don't have breast cancer. He never mentioned it til the insurance gave approval... READ MORE

Details about getting breast reduction for an 18 year old with H cups. (Cost, risk, follow up, alternatives, etc)

I'm an 18 year old college student who has been losing a lot of weight from diet change (18 lbs in 4 months). I am currently 220 lbs and 5'7. I was... READ MORE

How much pain?

Hoping to be approved, but my husband is worried about the pain. I am presently a 44H and want to go at least to a D if possible. I am 63 and had... READ MORE

What could be causing my back pain and the numbness/tingling in my arms and legs to worsen after a breast reduction?

Im a 27 year old woman and I just recently had breast reduction surgery on April 14th to help/decrease my back pain and numb arms and feet. I went... READ MORE

Tightness and aching in the inner corner of breast following reduction. Should I just ignore it if it doesn't hurt? (Photo)

My breasts were reduced and lifted 5 weeks ago (30H to 32D). Everything looks nice, but I'm worried about the inner corner of my left breast, the spot... READ MORE

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