Age 55-64 + Breast Reduction

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Is 61 Too Old for a Breast Reducion?

I am 4'11" tall, weigh 136 lbs. Good health but concerned if I am too old for the procedure. READ MORE

Will Medicare Cover Breast Reduction for a 60 Year Old?

Hi. I am a 60 year old female with OA, PMR and GCA. I've also had stents placed in the coronary arteries and angioplasty. I am a size 38DDD, could... READ MORE

Is the Treadmill 3 Weeks After Breast Reduction too Soon?

I am a very active 64 year old (runner, golfer, downhill skier, gym enthusiast). I have been walking the golf course with my husband and riding the... READ MORE

Am I Silly Considering Reduction of Breasts at 62? Size 36J

5ft 9in tall. 13 stone. Back problems. Shoulders indented. Sagging breasts. READ MORE

Is 56 to Old for Breast Reduction Surgery? I Am 5'2', 125 Lbs, 38DD?

My breasts have always been too big for my frame. clothing is doesn't fit correctly, and I've tried every bra on the market. More importantly, as i... READ MORE

Is there a difference in recovery time when the lollipop incision is used rather than the anchor?

I am a 38DDD, and my surgeon plans to use the lollipop incision. I am 56 and want to be a B, but he thinks that's too small for me, so I'm hoping to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have my Breasts Reduced from a 38DDD Down to a 38B?

I have just turned 60 & I have had to buy larger bras 3xs in past 2-3 years. I am considering having a reduction done, but I want to go as small... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction They Are So Heavy and Nipples Are Dry?

Had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago, when the covering came off about a week after that my breast are so heavy and feels like each weight 45 lbs... READ MORE

Which Different Procedures Are There for Breast Reduction? (photo)

Hi, I am looking into reducing my breasts. I am 60 years old, 5.2 120pounds; my breasts are heavy and dense, a 32Eor F. I have been thinking about... READ MORE

Can I Have Breast Reduction Surgery While Taking High Blood Pressure Medicine?

I Am 56 Yrs. Old and Have (Controlled with Meds) High Blood Pressure.  I had considered breast reduction when I was younger, but... READ MORE

Do you think that a FNG would be indicated when going from a 34G to 34B? (Photo)

I want to go back to the size I was most of my life. I'm 56, 5'9" and only 10 lbs overweight. Do you think a reduction this large could be done... READ MORE

Would it be cautionary to wear some mild compression socks after Breast Reduction surgery for blood clot?

I'm 58, overweight, anticipating a breast reduction. When telling my sister some of my fears she said I should be worrying more about throwing a clot.... READ MORE

What Are the Complications to Be Under Anesthesia for Loageng Periods ?

I'm am scheduled for a breast reduction and tummy tuck in April . By biggest fear is the length if time under anesthesia. I'm 59 years old, good... READ MORE

Second Breast Reduction after 27 Years, is This Possible?

Hi, I had breast reduction 27 years ago at age 28. I am now 55 yrs. My breast do not sag that much but I am a D-cup. I would like to go down to a... READ MORE

Complications Regarding Breast Reduction 34 Years Ago?

I had breast reduction 34 years ago and now at age 57 my breasts are large (DD) and have developed bilateral discoloration , ie; mottled bluish/purple... READ MORE

I Have Scoliois and my Breast Are 36 Dd Am 5 Feet Tall Weight 130 Pounds?

I have scolois n get a lot of back pain and discomfort. My bra size is 36dd am 56 of age, and I weight 130 would my insurance pay for it .i have... READ MORE

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