190-209 Lbs + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction from DD Cup to B Achievable?

I wear a DD bra. I am a heavy woman at 200 lbs and am 5'7 tall. I am 41 years old and want to go to a B cup. My back is killing me, my neck hurts and... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction of 38I to 38D Possible?

I have had a great deal of neck and back pain for years (I was a DD as a 10-year-old and I am now an I cup as a 41-year-old). I also have rashes under... READ MORE

I Need a Breast Reduction but Can't Afford the Cost or Insurance? (photo)

I am a 26 yr old white female in michigan. i am very short (only 4'7") and a bit hefty (over 200lbs).i have tried to lose weight most of which has... READ MORE

Am I Canidate for a Reduction Through Humana?

I have been reading and researching breast reduction that I do think I need, but I have noticed that insurance companies set guidlines and if you are... READ MORE

Breast Reduction. Age 33, 5'2, 190LBS, Would DD to C Look Okay? (photo)

I am a 33 yr old mother of 2 with size 38dd breast I am getting a reduction I am 5'2 190lbs I am wanting to be a full C or D 36 or 38 would that work... READ MORE

44H, 200lb - What Size Reduction Should I Get?

My breast size is 44h weights 200lbs and is 5 feet tall and am 27 year old and is planning to do breast reduction what is the best size to reduce too? READ MORE

Breast Reduction Size - 42G to Full B / C Cup

Ok ... I am 5'6 1/2 about 200 lbs and wear a 42g (medium to large frame, solid). I am getting a BR in about 3 weeks, but the doctor stated they... READ MORE

I am 17 ,5'4", 44DDD, 194lbs. Am i a good candidate for breast reduction? (photo)

I've had large breast since i was very young an it stopped me from playing sports,running & jumping from the pain in my chest,shoulders, neck an... READ MORE

How Long After a Breast Reduction Can U Get in the Gym?

I'm 5'7 204lbs, and I'm up to do my breast reduction in 2 wks. I've reschedule twice to lose weight. The first time I did it and gained it back due to... READ MORE

Breast Reduction for Teen Recommended? (photo)

I have a 15 yr old who, due to medications, weighs 191 and has breast size of 40 DD this weight gain has been over the past 2 yrs. She has a twin who... READ MORE

Insurance Company Requesting a Total of 2000g Removed from my Breast - What Size Will I Be?

I am 5'8-200 lbs, breast size 36-38 E/F(according to Fredricks of Hollywood). The IC is requiring 1000 grams to be removed from each side. By the... READ MORE

Will I regain sensation after Breast Reduction with Free Nipple Graft? Should I get a lift or liposuction on the sides? (Photo)

I'm scheduled to have BR this in a few weeks. I scared. The picture I posted is not of me, however, I am very similar (almost thought it was). I am... READ MORE

I am 16 years old, 206lbs and my bra size is 40DD almost 40DDD. Would it be safe for a breast reduction?

I have been having lots of back pain to the point where I cannot physically get up out of bed or it will give me severe pain. This has been going on... READ MORE

What's the Chance of BCBS of MI Approving Me POST-OP? (photo)

I am 5'4 about 207lbs w/ 36H and was referred by my OBGYN in Jul to my PS for a BR. At my consultation last Friday, the PS said w/ a small frame and... READ MORE

Will Insurance Help Pay for a Breast Reduction if I'm Worried About my Health? (photo)

I had a baby august '11 & have weighed 190 since (i'm 5'2) i'm now a 38H I've always had big breast. (in '09 at 5'2. 130lbs, 36DD/F ) They have... READ MORE

I am 21, 5' 9", and 200 pounds. My bra size is 38 DD, I would like to be a C. Would Insurance Cover my Breast Reduction?

I am 21, 5' 9", and 200 pounds. My bra size is 38 DD, I would like to be a C. I get these rashes between my breasts and my shoulders hurt from my bra.... READ MORE

How Good Are my Chances of Having Breast Reduction Covered by Insurance After I Lose More Weight?

I am 19 i weigh 201 lb my measurements are 40 30 42. i lost 30 lb. But as a consequence my cup size went from a 40DD to a 34G. my back has started to... READ MORE

How Will I Look After a 2000 Gram Breast Reduction?

I am 5'8 200 lbs, my breast are about a 40 E-F, my breast are not dense and are saggy. I am scheduled to have a reduction of 1000 grams from each... READ MORE

I'm 17, 5'4, 196 lb with size G cup breasts suffering from back pain. Am I a good candidate for a breast reduction to a C/B cup?

I am 17 years old and I am 196 pounds and 5'4. I am a 34G. My breast have prevented me from doing chores such as sweeping and vacuuming, it hurts my... READ MORE

Can I be reduced from an N to a DD/DDD? (photos)

I am currently 28 years old, 5'5", 190, 38N breast. I have a small body compared to my breast i wear size 10/12 pants & i barely have a belly. i was a... READ MORE

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