190-209 Lbs + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction from DD Cup to B Achievable?

I wear a DD bra. I am a heavy woman at 200 lbs and am 5'7 tall. I am 41 years old and want to go to a B cup. My back is killing me, my neck hurts and... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction of 38I to 38D Possible?

I have had a great deal of neck and back pain for years (I was a DD as a 10-year-old and I am now an I cup as a 41-year-old). I also have rashes under... READ MORE

I Need a Breast Reduction but Can't Afford the Cost or Insurance? (photo)

I am a 26 yr old white female in michigan. i am very short (only 4'7") and a bit hefty (over 200lbs).i have tried to lose weight most of which has... READ MORE

Am I Canidate for a Reduction Through Humana?

I have been reading and researching breast reduction that I do think I need, but I have noticed that insurance companies set guidlines and if you are... READ MORE

Breast Reduction. Age 33, 5'2, 190LBS, Would DD to C Look Okay? (photo)

I am a 33 yr old mother of 2 with size 38dd breast I am getting a reduction I am 5'2 190lbs I am wanting to be a full C or D 36 or 38 would that work... READ MORE

44H, 200lb - What Size Reduction Should I Get?

My breast size is 44h weights 200lbs and is 5 feet tall and am 27 year old and is planning to do breast reduction what is the best size to reduce too? READ MORE

I am 17 ,5'4", 44DDD, 194lbs. Am i a good candidate for breast reduction? (photo)

I've had large breast since i was very young an it stopped me from playing sports,running & jumping from the pain in my chest,shoulders, neck an... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Size - 42G to Full B / C Cup

Ok ... I am 5'6 1/2 about 200 lbs and wear a 42g (medium to large frame, solid). I am getting a BR in about 3 weeks, but the doctor stated they... READ MORE

Will my medicaid insurance cover my breast reduction?

I have upper back pain, deep shoulder indents, my bra size is 42 DDD. I weight about 200 lbs and 5''5, I used to weight 215, I was told that I have to... READ MORE

How Long After a Breast Reduction Can U Get in the Gym?

I'm 5'7 204lbs, and I'm up to do my breast reduction in 2 wks. I've reschedule twice to lose weight. The first time I did it and gained it back due to... READ MORE

Breast Reduction for Teen Recommended? (photo)

I have a 15 yr old who, due to medications, weighs 191 and has breast size of 40 DD this weight gain has been over the past 2 yrs. She has a twin who... READ MORE

I am 16 years old, 206lbs and my bra size is 40DD almost 40DDD. Would it be safe for a breast reduction?

I have been having lots of back pain to the point where I cannot physically get up out of bed or it will give me severe pain. This has been going on... READ MORE

Insurance Company Requesting a Total of 2000g Removed from my Breast - What Size Will I Be?

I am 5'8-200 lbs, breast size 36-38 E/F(according to Fredricks of Hollywood). The IC is requiring 1000 grams to be removed from each side. By the... READ MORE

Will I regain sensation after Breast Reduction with Free Nipple Graft? Should I get a lift or liposuction on the sides? (Photo)

I'm scheduled to have BR this in a few weeks. I scared. The picture I posted is not of me, however, I am very similar (almost thought it was). I am... READ MORE

What's the Chance of BCBS of MI Approving Me POST-OP? (photo)

I am 5'4 about 207lbs w/ 36H and was referred by my OBGYN in Jul to my PS for a BR. At my consultation last Friday, the PS said w/ a small frame and... READ MORE

I'm 17, 5'4, 196 lb with size G cup breasts suffering from back pain. Am I a good candidate for a breast reduction to a C/B cup?

I am 17 years old and I am 196 pounds and 5'4. I am a 34G. My breast have prevented me from doing chores such as sweeping and vacuuming, it hurts my... READ MORE

If I lose weight after my breast reduction, a significant amount like 60-70 lbs, will my newly reduced breasts lose their shape?

I may lose the weight the natural way or by gastric bypass. Will my breasts look funny after? Less firm or mishapen? I am having the breast reduction... READ MORE

I am 21, 5' 9", and 200 pounds. My bra size is 38 DD, I would like to be a C. Would Insurance Cover my Breast Reduction?

I am 21, 5' 9", and 200 pounds. My bra size is 38 DD, I would like to be a C. I get these rashes between my breasts and my shoulders hurt from my bra.... READ MORE

Will Molina cover me?

I have Molina for insurance and I want a breast reduction so bad so far I have lost a little over 30lbs and my breast didn't get smaller. I have... READ MORE

Will Insurance Help Pay for a Breast Reduction if I'm Worried About my Health? (photo)

I had a baby august '11 & have weighed 190 since (i'm 5'2) i'm now a 38H I've always had big breast. (in '09 at 5'2. 130lbs, 36DD/F ) They have... READ MORE

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