10 Months Post-op + Breast Reduction

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10 months post op Breast Reduction, my breasts are nowhere near the size we agreed. More importantly, they are DEFORMED. (photo)

What options/remedies do I have? Dr & I agreed on full C (I was a 36DD &have curvy body- size 6/8) &I don't fill a B. I could try & get past the small... READ MORE

Are my scars as awful as I imagine? I am 10 months post-op. (Photo)

I was a 38K, now a 38E, supposed to be a 38D-DD. I am now wide, flat, and square. There is a hole in my cleavage and my breasts never separate. There... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for second breast reduction? (Photo)

I had a reduction 10 months ago when a large amount of breast tissue was removed. I’m 27 yrs old no kids 5’7”about 135lbs. Insurance paid for the s... READ MORE

Advice on Mastectomy Reconstruction Revision? (photo)

I had a skin-saving double mastectomy and reduction 10 months ago and have concerns. First, I appear to have reacted to the blue dye which killed the... READ MORE

POST BREAST REDUCTION ISSUE: What can be done about my nipples/scars? Will insurance cover it? Reduction was covered. (Photo)

In, March 2014 I had a breast reduction. At first things seemed okay, 2 weeks post op, I had staples start coming out, and in their wake came huge... READ MORE

Hard lumps in my breast after breast reduction 10 months ago.

It's been 10 months since my breast reduction and months after and then again just recently I've been experiencing really hard lumps mostly in my left... READ MORE

When will my nipples stop hurting after a breast reduction?

I had a breast reduction 10 months ago and just in the last month my nipples have gotten very sore and sensitive. Sometimes I get such sharp pains... READ MORE

I had breast reduction surgery on April 15, 2015. Everything went fine until approximately 6 weeks ago

Hello, I had breast reduction surgery on April 15, 2015. All was well until about 6 weeks ago when the scars started itching. I had kenolog injections... READ MORE

Swollen right breast 10 months post op breast reduction (Photo)

Had breast reduction 10 months ago every went fine my breast was the same size then 7 month in my right breast swelled and became very tender had a... READ MORE

What to do for fat nercosis in breasts?

Had breast reduction in June 2016. Came out minus nipple on right one. Have the nercosis in both but alot more in right one. In pain constantly. Can't... READ MORE

Breast reduction 10 months ago but both whole breasts still hard?

Very hard breast but not swollen. Mainaly across the whole under side and outer edge, also above nipple. Rather than small hard knots the entire... READ MORE

How long is too long to take to heal after a breast reduction? What is normal?

I know everyone heals differently, but my surgeon admits I'm taking a long time to heal my incisions, which did not heal well to begin with. I had my... READ MORE

I've had pain an area of my incision site from a breast reduction for 3 weeks now, and am 10 months post op. Is this normal?

I had a lot of intense nerve pain during recovery, but never in this area (it felt more internal, as this pain feels more external). It's only... READ MORE

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