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Is There Anything That Can Be Done to Reduce Rippling After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

I am 52 and have had a bi-lateral mastectomy followed by silicon breast implants. I notice rippling at the top of my breast when I lean over. I will... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Rippling. Previous Fat Grafting to Help With Ripples. Minimal Results. Suggestions?(photo)

I am a 29 year olf female 1.5 years post breast reconstruction with submuscular high-profile mentor silicone implants (450cc). I am experiencing... READ MORE

Natrelle/Allergan 410 Shaped Vs. Sientra Shaped/Which Implant Is Better For Breast Reconstruction Appearance And Feel?

The Natrelle 410 seems to have a better shape but it is feels more firm than the Sientra. But the Sientra seems to fold and ripple more easily than... READ MORE

Rippling After Skin Saving Bilateral Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction

All done 16 years ago. I was very happy with my result. But now the implants are rippling badly and I have some "nerve"? pain on my chest... READ MORE

Rippling with Implants After Reconstruction? (photo)

I had reco after a m with silicone implants. I have what I guess may be "rippling" in my left breast. I had an expander leak around 280 ccs... READ MORE

Reconstruction Rippling with Silicone?

Hello, I had breast reconstruction on Oct 19 2012. I had a nipple sparing mastectomy followed by expanders followed by round silicone Hp 600cc... READ MORE

Should breast implants after reconstruction begin to sag and ripple after 6 weeks? (photo)

What are the best techniques to repair this? Delayed reconstruction after double mastectomy even with 24 hours support bra wear. Spacers in for 3 1/2... READ MORE

Reconstructed breasts post breast cancer with Natrelle cohesive gel implants and rippling? Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had breast cancer with nipple sparing double mastectomy, tissue expanders removed and now have 410 natrelle cohesive gel anatomically shaped... READ MORE

Options for dent/rippling in one breast after nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy with direct to implant reconstruction? (photo)

5 months out from mastectomies & immediate implants w/ Alloderm. IMF incisions. 371g removed on left, 446g removed on right, and 435cc Natrelle... READ MORE

What to do about rippling, tightness and muscle flex deformity following prophylactic skin & nipple sparing mastectomy? (Photo)

I'm 23 and had surgery with immediate reconstruction just over 3 months ago. i cant even look/ touch them without feeling sick or breaking into tears.... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Silicone Gel Implant Rippling? Will Saline Be a Better Option?

I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and was in tissue expanders for 5mths. I had an xchange surgery for Natrelle HP 500cc silicone implants. I am 2... READ MORE

Does implant rippling after reconstruction always require surgical revision or can it improve on its own?

I had a nipple/skin sparing prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with tissue expander placement in June of this year. In October I exchanged for... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Minimize Divits and Rippling After an Exchange from TE's to 550cc Allergan Silicone Implants? (photo)

I had a PBM in November and did my exchange on Feb 1 to 550cc Allergan Silicone implants with flex HD support. I have a great amount of rippling on... READ MORE

What can be done about thin/thinning skin after a bilateral mastectomy?

What can be done about thin/thinning skin after a bilateral mastectomy? No radiation done. Have Alloderm with silicon mod implants but still have... READ MORE

I had Prophylactic Mastectomies with direct Alloderm implants 8 wks ago. What can I do about the extra skin? (photos)

I am concerned about loose skin on right side including excess above IMF incision. On this side I feel ripples in a implant more on outside too, as it... READ MORE

Did my surgeon choose the correct breast implants?

I had prophylactic nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction I had breast aug 6 years ago with saline high profile overfilled to 425cc... READ MORE

Rippling and position of implants. What are my options?

Many years ago I had a double mast because of fibroids. I recently had the old implants replaced with Natrelle silicone implants. I have a tremendous... READ MORE

Can See Major Rippling with Silicone Implants. Doctor Suggests over Filled Saline Exchange?

My chest wall is thin so I can see major ripples whenever I'm not standing perfectly errect. I also don't like how squishy the silicone implants feel.... READ MORE

Fat grafting to refine breast cancer reconstruction results. Can it be done in-office?

I see advertising for fat transfer to the face available as an in-office procedure. I have some minor rippling and divots to a silicone implant based... READ MORE

Had Implants for 10 yrs, then stage 1 breast cancer, lumpectomy, and radiation. Now I have capsular contracture. Any suggestion?

After having implants for 10 years, in January of this year I had a lumpectomy followed by radiation. 5 months later, capsular contracture. The... READ MORE

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