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Fat necrosis - Can you tell me if it will be safe to leave the lumps in my breast and what would happen to them in the future.

Aspire65 February 28, 2014 11:34am I had my br 5months ago and unfortunately suffered the loss of my left mac and after healing have a hard area of... READ MORE

Post Op After Removal of Right Axillary Breast Tissue?

I just had a day operation to remove right axillary breast tissue at my right armpit. I noticed that area still looks like there is a lump there. Is... READ MORE

Can fatty necrosis occur 3 years after mastectomy with reconstruction?

I had stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, diagnosed in October 2012, and had chemo and Herceptin (HER2+) and my bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction... READ MORE

New Tumors/lumps from Stitches?

I have 2 lumps in right breast in pectoral muscle. Right side had no cancer at BMX in 3/11. US & MRI show no cancer. Was told it could be RXN to... READ MORE

Normal or complication that needs attention? Hard painful large lump, burning and swelling 5 weeks after DIEP FLAP.

Five weeks ago I had the DIEP Flap procedure. I had a second surgery to repair a partial flap failure days after the 1st surgery. Where I had the... READ MORE

Following a double mastectomy, and then the tissue expander exchange surgery, found a small painful lump.

I had DCIS in left breast and had a double mastectomy with TE that were replaced in May with silicone. At my checkup, I was told to massage my breast... READ MORE

Mastectomy Scars Changed After Tissue Expander Surgery?

Two weeks ago I had tissue expander surgery 2 years after a bilateral mastectomy. My original scars had faded nicely but now they are red and a bit... READ MORE

Left breast reconstruction with tissue expander. Is it normal to have some weird looking formations on the skin? (photo)

I have had mastectomy on June 2015 due to cancer . I had a 500 cc expander inserted and it was filled 400 cc at the time of the surgery . It was quite... READ MORE

Breasts have large, hard lumps 6 weeks after free flap reconstruction. Is this normal?

I am 6 weeks out from a bilateral TUG flap reconstruction. I can feel several areas that are very hard. They are large areas, like 2 inches by 2... READ MORE

Do You Think my Implants Rejected?

Back in 2011 I had saline breast implants put in (behind the muscle) as part of a 3 stage breast reconstruction a few months after I came back from... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a lump in my breast implant, that I can pop in and out by my clevage?

I had reconstruction surgery on my left breast (i have a rare condition called poland syndrome), since I have noticed that half way down my clevage is... READ MORE

My results from my lump in my left breast is a fibroadenoma benign. My plastic surgeon said it doesn't need to be removed?

So far I'm happy that is not cancerous the lump in my left breast,is been there for years and hasn't change size and is mobile,my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Axillary dissection surgery - now problems under arm.

Had fatty breast tissue removed from armpit. Now after surgery under my arm is worst i cant hold my arm completely down,due to big now seems hard lump... READ MORE

Poor cosmetic result of DIEP flap scar revision. How can it be corrected?

After stage 2 of the DIEP flap, 8 months ago, I'm left with a one sided lump on my lower left abdomen below the incision. The PS states its muscle and... READ MORE

Will the difference between 420cc (L) and 350cc (R) be so obvious? Will putting a bigger size on my right make my skin die?

I had my (L) breast implanted with 420cc due to radical mastectomy. Now the (R) needs to be taken out due to fat necrosis thats lighting up during... READ MORE

DIEP or implants? (Photo)

My GS and PS advice me to do bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with implant even other doctor. But im afraid of the outcome of implants since it... READ MORE

Will my breast go back to normal?

I have stage 1 HER2 Breast cancer. A 2.1cm lump was removed, it didn't spread. After surgery a large hematoma formed & was evacuated. About 8oz. Of... READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon remove a lump in my breast and put implants in at the same time? (photo)

Or do I have to go to a general surgeon for my lumpectomy and then get implants later? The lump is pulling my nipple inside of my breast. It looks... READ MORE

3 weeks post op and notice hard lump under nipples, is it normal? (photos)

I had bilateral mastectomy 3 weeks ago. I feel there's a hard mass underneath my nipples.My doctor told me to keep massaging the area and continue... READ MORE

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