Necrosis + Breast Lift

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Anchor Breast Lift Incision Separation. What To Expect After Debridement? (photo)

I had a small opening at the "T". I am NOT a smoker. Today I saw my PS and he thought that it was a suture not allowing it to heal. He... READ MORE

Worried About my Breast Lift Complications (photo) [graphic]

I had implants removed & a breast lift with an anchor incision near the end of April had to go back the next day for another surgery to close up... READ MORE

Nipple Surviving After Necrosis, How Long Does It Take For The Nipple To Return To Its Normal Color?

Hi, after a breast lift my nipple turned black on the outer part of it. Eventually the black scab came off leaving my nipple pink. I have some color... READ MORE

Nipple Necrosis After Breast Lift

I am 6 days post op and am having a horrible time. I had my implants removed and a breast lift performed. I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive... READ MORE

How Soon After Anchor Lift Surgery Are You in the Clear From Necrosis?

I am wondering how quickly necrosis generally shows up after an anchor breast lift? When can I feel safe? Also, I had nipple sensation right out of... READ MORE

Tissue necrosis? (photo)

I saw my PS on Monday and he stated he wanted to see me again in two weeks for this "scab?" After a little research on this site, it appears as if... READ MORE

Nipple Sloughed Off From Necrosis Following Mastopexy.....normal? (photo) [graphic]

I had mini mastopexy on Dec. 14th. I can clearly see the left nipple has necrosed and sloughed off but my doctor keeps reassuring that this is normal... READ MORE

Hard Painful Breast with Fat Necrosis After Lift - What to Do?

I had a breastlift 3 months ago and experienced necrosis. I lost my nipple but it has grown back with the exception of one side that has a dime size... READ MORE

DIscoloration, swelling, pain and firmness - Do I Have Fat Necrosis? (Photo)

Hi, im 27,non smoker. Had breast aug/lift with 700cc silicone unders on june 7th in another state, Had discoloration from the start and told multiple... READ MORE

Incision holes, infections or necrosis

I see patients who have developed holes in the incisions, infections or necrosis and wonder why these cant be cleaned and closed rather than left... READ MORE

Is Breast Fat Necrosis Common After Breast Lift?

I am four months post-op and had an abnormal mammogram recently- Had to go through additional mammogram(s) and ultrasounds to rule out malignancy- The... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Having Cosmetic Surgery if You Smoke Rarely?

By the time I will have a tummy tuck/breast lift, I will be almost smoke-free for a month. I smoke 1-2 cigarettes per WEEK. Are my risks similar to... READ MORE

6 wks post breast lift and purple mass under incision just appeared. I am worried. What is it and can it be fixed? (Photo)

1. Is it possible for necrosis to start at 6 weeks 4 days? 2. What could this be and can it be fixed? READ MORE

What is the Main Cause for Areola Necrosis (Superficial Kind)?

What is the Main Cause for Areola Necrosis (Superficial Kind)? READ MORE

Day 3 post op breast lift. Lots of bruising on areolas/nipples. Is this ok? (Photo)

Hi, i am post op day 3 from a breast lift without implants. i noticed today that my areola region and nipples are bruising a dark red color. I know... READ MORE

What is the Cause of Areola Necrosis and Would You Say Mine Was of the Superficial Kind? (photo)

Had an uplift with implants all within the same op. my surgeon has been good &I see him once a month /every 6 wks. I am happy with level of... READ MORE

How common is nipple necrosis after breast lift?

How often does nipple necrosis occur statistically? Anything that will help prevent it (other than avoiding nicotine & 2nd hand smoke- I don't smoke... READ MORE

Is This a Sign of Necrosis? (photo)

I'm 4 months post breast lift and up until now everything was healing nicely. 3 days ago I thaught I had a scratch but it got bigger and it feels like... READ MORE

Concerned about fatty necrosis after Breast Lift and Augmentation. Does it usually resolve on its own? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post op a breast lift and augmentation. I developed fatty necrosis in my right breast. It is still draining 50-60ml daily. Is there any... READ MORE

I Am 5 Weeks Post Op Lift & Implants, Have Areola Necrosis Do I Continue Treating the Area with Silvadene?

I clean and reapply silvadene & fresh dressing daily. It looks like pus but does not smell and the area around the areola is not red or hot. I am... READ MORE

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