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Capsular Contracture at 3 Weeks Post-Op - PS Recommends I Lift Weights

I'M ONLY 4 WKS POSTOP w/CC. If possible, I would rate this CC a 6-7 on the Baker Scale. Extremely painful, but always figured from being placed... READ MORE

Upper Body Weights After Implants?

I had 375cc silicone unders 19 days ago. I am dying to get back to running & lifting. I've been walking w/ incline about 35 min a day & doing... READ MORE

Will Lifting Weights Decrease the Breast Tissue?

I just had my breast augmentation over 2 months ago. I received Saline implants. I was a 32 B and now I am a 32DD. I am starting to get into lifting... READ MORE

Will I Eventually Be Able to Lift Weights After Breast Augmentation?

I work out 3 days a week. I do a mixture of dead weights (only 15kgs) and cardio and I love running. I am wondering how long it will take for me to... READ MORE

Breast Implants Look Deformed when Lifting Weights

I had breast implants and a lift over two years ago. If I put my hands together like I Dream of Jeannie and flex, my breasts look completely deformed... READ MORE

Will Push-ups and Body Weight Exercises Cause Lateral Displacement?

I have had my breast implants for 1 year, and for the past 3 months I have been doing crossfit which includes pushups, and body weight chest exercises... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Weight Lifting

I had a breast augmentation 6 weeks ago. I had silicone placed under the muscle. I would like to return to lifting weights in the gym, but am... READ MORE

Lifting Weights, Fitness and Breast Implants. How Will It Affect my Training?

I have always been physically active in my life. I have played soccer for 15 years and tried and done every sport possible. About a year ago I got... READ MORE

Best Implants for Exercising?

There are so many different complications recently,now i am going to have my surgery and im gettin nervous.Im torn between getting my silicon implants... READ MORE

Small Framed but Determined to Achieve Big Results. Would Going over the Muscle, Rather Than Under, Allow for a Larger Implant?

Looking at third implant revision - one of the first set ruptured, this is the revision for size. I am 5'5", 116lbs, and had a open heart surgery as a... READ MORE

does lifting weight (upper body exercises) make capsular contracture get worse?

I've had CC on my left breast for 9 months. It' prbly grade 3. The implant has moved upward and towards my armpit. I love lifting weights at the gym,... READ MORE

How large of a gap between my breasts is normal when i weight lift? (photos)

Ive had my implants for 2 & a 1/2 years. My breasts fall in a natural place, i wouldnt change a thing. Except for when i'm at the gym. When i do any... READ MORE

My right implant hasnt dropped yet. Will lifting weights postpone it further?

My left implant has dropped and fluffed fine but my right is still high up. I started the p90x exercise regimen and i have to lift weights on some... READ MORE

Can Lifting Weights Cause One of Your Breast Implants Not to Drop and Remain Higher?

Can lifting weights cause one breast implant to not drop and remain higher, fuller and harder than the other to the point they look so different? READ MORE

Very active: Run and lift weights - Would overs or unders be a better choice for me?

I live a very active life style and run/lift 5 days a week. I am a 30 yrs old, 5'5, 120 lbs and currently a 34A. I was set on unders until I read... READ MORE

Breast Implants, Fibroadenomas and Athletic Build

I have had large fibroadenomas removed with surrounding tissue because they were considered suspicious by the surgeon even after the biopsy and a few... READ MORE

Lifting Weight (Not Exercise) After Surgery?

Hi! I am flying to Mexico to have my BA done in December. I am flying back 2.5 weeks post-op with my 2 kids (3 and 1 yr olds). What is the weight... READ MORE

Is This my Final Result, and Can I Lift Weights if my Implants Are Under the Muscle? (photo)

I am almost six months post op. I have 325cc on my left and 375 on my right silicone under the muscle. Will I see anymore changes? and I want to know... READ MORE

Can a strained or pulled muscle mimic capsular contracture?

I've had my implants for 3 1/2 months under muscle. I just started going back to the gym and after the last time, I'm pretty sure I over did it. I... READ MORE

Difficult augmentation recovery for weight lifters?

I know pain is a subjective thing, but I was wondering if women who weight train with heavy weights have a more painful recovery.( Ex. I bench 90+... READ MORE

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