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I Am 8 Weeks Post-op, Do I Already Have a Snoopy Deformity on the Right Side? (photo)

I have noticed a a difference between breast. I have taken pictures if them. I also talked to my PS about this and he says not to worry, to give it... READ MORE

What Happened 9 months After Breast Implants?

36 weeks ago I had high-profile, silicone implants (350cc) placed dual-plane together with BREAST LIFT, mastopexy.. For 6 weeks I continuously wore a... READ MORE

Snoopy deformity: 4 weeks post-op 365cc silimed unders teardrop. High profile (photos)

In Ireland - Had pseudo-ptosis pre-op. My breast tissue is now hanging off implant. My question is: I've read correction of pseudo-ptosis should only... READ MORE

Do I have snoopy nose and double bubble? are my breast ruined? what can i do? 3 weeks post op breast augmentation. (photos)

I had 560 saline in right implant, and 620 saline in left implant. I don't have a before picture. My breasts were SAGGY! When I was a little, I had to... READ MORE

Is this snoopy deformity? (Photo)

Is this snoopy deformity ? I'm 3 months post op . READ MORE

My implants are sitting too high still at 9 weeks, Snoopy deformity. Will this fix itself?

I'm at about 9 weeks post op for breast augmentation. My implants are Natrelle Style 15 158cc and 176cc (small implants) and right now my nipples are... READ MORE

I have snooping defect? (photo)

I have 6 months after surgery 375 cc under the muscle after 2 week surgery I jave a realy bad pain iny left breast my doctor order a Ct and was normal... READ MORE

Will my implants drop? Do I have potential Snoopy deformity? (Photo)

I am 6 days postop- had trans-axillary submuscular 325cc silicone implants. I know it is early, but I am afraid that my implants will not drop to fill... READ MORE

Snoopy deformity 4 weeks post-op? (photo)

My implants are silimed (cohesive) so WILL NOT drop from this position, only soften. I'm convinced at 4 weeks post op I have snoopy deformity -... READ MORE

Subglandular, submuscular/subpectoral, or subfascial placement for silicone gel breast implants? (photos)

My implants are mostly for fixing asymmetry & adding slight volume, but not enlarging breast size. So the implants would be quite small. Originally I... READ MORE

I think I have snoopy deformed breasts. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I've had my 340cc implants for nearly 5 years and have loved the size and shape. Until now. I am noticing more the implant outline and it's making me... READ MORE

Why do my implants look lopsided? Do I have snoopy deformity or capsulare contracture? (photos)

I had 610cc under the muscle about 12 months ago, I am very unhappy with the lack of symmetry and shape of my breasts. I'm worried they are ruined. Do... READ MORE

Dual plane or subglandular implants to avoid a lift? (Photos)

I have dreamed of bigger breasts since i can remember. I really want to avoid a lift. I love natural big breasts. In your opinion can I avoid a lift... READ MORE

6 weeks post-op do I have snoopy deformity starting in my right breast? Will my lower pole round out? (photos)

I am 6 weeks post op have 720cc in right and 660cc in left my left is looking nice and round and my right is like a traffic cone I am trying to be... READ MORE

Do I have snoopy deformity?

I'm 5 weeks out, I hate my outcome. I know it's early but I have no breast tissue that I can feel ag the top. I went with a doctor that several... READ MORE

Should I have had a breast lift along with the implants? (Photo)

I previously posted a question which has been answered by very generous and kind surgeons , thank you! I guess my real question is since I did not... READ MORE

Submuscular vs subglandular breast animation and cosmetic concerns? (Photos)

I'm concerned about implant placement, my biggest reason being animation. I want my breast to move like natural breast. Is there more risk of rippling... READ MORE

Waterfall deformity: I realize that it is early days yet, but will this improve over the coming months? (photo)

I am 12 days post-op - bilateral breast augmentation with 680cc Polytech Opticon implants with dual plane placement. I have a waterfall/Snoopy... READ MORE

Do I need a revision on my left breast?

I know my boobs are sister and not twins. However I received a ba with lift 345 cc silicon under the muscle 7days ago. I was asymmetrical before the... READ MORE

Size? Textured or Smooth? (Photos)

I have to make my final decision soon and I'm wondering if I should get textured implants or smooth implants. I am thinking of going with 375cc. 400... READ MORE

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