I Am 8 Weeks Post-op, Do I Already Have a Snoopy Deformity on the Right Side? (photo)

I have noticed a a difference between breast. I have taken pictures if them. I also talked to my PS about this and he says not to worry, to give it time. I feel like something is wrong. It's the right one that worries me. The implant has also shifted higher than it was? Please help.

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High Riding Implants Can Cause Snoopy Deformity Early After Breast Augmentation

A "snoopy deformity" is a term used to describe the appearance of the breast from the lateral view after breast augmentation surgery.  It is usually caused by drooping of the breast tissue over the implant early after surgery.  This typically occurs in patients who have a mild to moderate degree of breast ptosis and undergo breast augmentation without a mastopexy.  In cases of mild ptosis a moderate to large size implant can correct the breast ptosis by restoring breast volume as long as the nipple position is not too low.  In some cases it can also occur if the inferior aspect of the pocket is not dissected enought.  I would recommend wearing a breast band to help the implant assume its final position more quickly. These can be ordered on line from compression garment companies.  In many cases this will solve the problem.  If still present after regular use of the band for several weeks, you should discuss your progress further with your surgeon again.  Good luck with your recovery!

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High Implant 8 Weeks Following Breast Augmentation

      Implants, particularly larger implants in smaller women, can appear high for several monthsAppropriate massage and time can usually allow for the implant to drop into the pocket.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Implant is high.

Implants can "ride" high for sometime after surgery. We usually allow gravity and time to bring the implant down and fill the bottom of the breast better. Talk to your plastic surgeon about this and follow any additional instructions they might have for you. Best of luck.

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Snoopy breast?

I think your implant is still a bit high. It is still early and I would give it a few more months to come down. Good luck.

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Snoopy deformity of breast

No, you do not have a snoopy deformity.  Your implant is riding high but should descend.  Talk to your surgeon about a velcro strap to help the implant descend.  Increased massage in a downward direction  should hepplp as well.

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I Am 8 Weeks Post-op, Do I Already Have a Snoopy Deformity on the Right Side?

It appears as right implant is riding high. This "could" be due to the pectorals muscle in spasm or the inferior pocket was not dissected enough. Best to see your surgeon to discuss. If after 3 months still an issue seek second opinions. 

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Correction of high ridding breast implant and breast asymmetry following an augmentation

Two months is still early and you have time weight and gravity on your side to allow the implants to drop down into the correct position.  Your Snoopy dog nose shape is a condition known as pseudoglandular ptosis.  This condition is due to the stretching of Cooper's ligaments which go from the fascia over the muscle into the breast.  With pregnancy, weight gain and loss these ligaments can be stretched.   When the implant is placed behind the muscle then the muscle acts as a spacer preventing the implant from expanding out your breast envelope.  Basically the breast is hanging off of the implant.  I would first recommend following your plastic surgeons advice and give it time.  You may consider a breast band that can be worn at night and massaging the implant in such a way as to push the implant down to stretch out the inferior pole of the breast and to allow the implant to fall into the correct position.  If after a few more months this does not improve then a revision may be necessary.

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High breast implants

After two months nearly the implants should be starting to settle in evenly if the pockets are symmetric. We feel the issue is in the breast pocket as it is too early for a capsule. A breast band and massage might encourage the implant to center into the breast.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Snoopy Deformity after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

The breast implant asymmetry that you are referring to is visible in the photographs. At this point, I think your plastic surgeon is giving you good advice in allowing for more time to pass. He may also have additional advice ( for example the use of massage and or bandeau) to help with additional breast implants settling.

 Keep in mind, that your plastic surgeon is in the best position to rule out complications such as encapsulation, that may occasionally be responsible for asymmetric breast implant “settling”. Therefore, it will be important for you to continue close follow-up with him.

Hopefully the breast implants will continue to settle  and you will achieve a more uniform breast implant/breast tissue “union”.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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