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Do Implants Cause the Same Weight / Shoulder Pull as Natural Breasts?

Do women with b or c cups and recieve a d or dd cup implants experience the same weight and pull at the shoulders as a women with natural dd cups do... READ MORE

My Left Breast Feels Like a Pulled Muscle - Why?

I had breast implants over the muscle 7 days ago, on my left breast only I had a lift as well. My right breast is no longer sore however my left... READ MORE

I Was 6weeks Post Op and One Night I Pulled on Something and my Right Breast Started to Hurt?

Hurt really bad and got huge!! I then felt a pop, I had to go to ER the pain was so bad. I went to my PS within a day and he was ready to operated but... READ MORE

Nipples Pulling Inward After Breast Implant Surgery

Several years ago, I had breast implant surgery. Nipples are being pulled inward from scar tissue. Can anything be done to correct this? READ MORE

6 weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation through my armpits and now a pulling feeling in my left armpit--Is this normal?

I am 6 weeks post op from breast augmentation through the armpit. Just a few days ago, my left armpit started to feel like a stitch was pulling... READ MORE

3 Weeks of New Silicone Gel Implants & I Pulled a Muscle Near Stitches. Ouch! Is This Serious?

Had reconstructive surgery 7 months ago and silicone gel implants surgery 3 weeks ago. I've been careful not to lift or pull anything. Along with the... READ MORE

What Happens if I Accidentially Lifted my 35lb Daughter 13 Days After Breast Aug Surgery?

I had breast aug surgery 13 days ago. I have been careful to not lift too much or strain myself. Today, I don't know what I was thinking but I lifted... READ MORE

In the last couple of days I have this nagging pulling/burning sensation on my right breast in the inside lower portion (Photo)

I am a few days shy of four weeks post op. My results are coming along beautifully! I was pretty tight with 400cc UHP silicone being the most my... READ MORE

6 yrs post op of Breast Implants, 3 years ago my right implant shifted and feel like something was pulling. Is this normal?

I had cohisive gel implants for 6 years. Today I am feeling pulling again and the shape is different and I noticed a red and irritation mark under my... READ MORE

Left breast sore and pulling sensation (Photo)

I had my BA 3 weeks ago. I had 450cc saline under the muscle. My right breast has no pain and feel great. My left breast however feels sore to touch,... READ MORE

My right implants feels like its stretching/pulling down. Very uncomfortable sensation. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, ive got a BA almost 2 years ago. I realised after 3 months that my right implant was lightly bottming out, but it didnt disturb me at that point.... READ MORE

5 weeks PO, for about 2 weeks I have pulling sensation in left breast. What could this be?

I am 5 weeks post op from breast augmentation. I have 450cc textured over the muscle implants with a crease incision. For about two weeks I have... READ MORE

Why is my right breast pulling in and up, on the lower pole, after implant removal? (photo)

A little over 6 weeks ago, I had my implants of 3 years removed. The first 2 weeks after removal, both breasts looked the same, but after the 3rd... READ MORE

is it possible to ruptured implant, or move the implant, after being squeezed hard? (photo)

Or could it be just a pulled/torn muscle? I pretended to do the lift scene with a friend. when I jumped up he actually squeezed me very hard as... READ MORE

I had silicone implants placed under the muscle 15 days ago. I feel like I pulled a muscle picking up son. A knot has risen.

I had silicone implants place under the muscle 15 days ago. I'm doing well other than the common soreness under my arms from the axillary incisions.... READ MORE

Breast implant drooped. Any suggestions?

I had breast implants in 2008, I have s five month old and have noticed that my right implant has dropped it sits over my rib I have got some pulling... READ MORE

I felt a pull on my right breast. Now it's swollen and painful. I also noticed a small bump under the breast. Is this normal?

Hi as I was reaching for something I felt a tiny pull on my right breast the pain just started escalating... I had fever the past 2 days And the pain... READ MORE

2 years post op. After a few months I started to exercise and felt a pull in the left implant which is swollen. Is this normal?

I ended up with the implant being removed. I got a new implant put in after a while I exercised and had the same problem I got antibiotics and was... READ MORE

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