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Rules for Matching Breast Implant Diameter to BWD?

How closely do you try to match the diameter of the implant to measured BWD (Breast Width Diameter)? Within .5cm? 1.0cm? Do you ever go over, and if... READ MORE

Difference in Projection and Diameter when Mentor Implant Filled

I have read that mentor 350-400cc implants have a diameter of 13.3 and proj. of 3.9 at minimum fill level. I noticed that the others low & high... READ MORE

Breast wide parameter. What diameter is perfect for me?

Hi. I have 3D pictures and I want to decide what size and diameter implants is perfect to me. But there is to different parameters. First is breast... READ MORE

Is It Correct to Say the Wider the Diameter the More Upper Pole You Will Have?

If my base wide is 14cm and I/the doctor chooses an implant with a diameter of 11.7 will I have less upper pole fullness than I would if I choose an... READ MORE

With a 14 to 14.3 breast width diameter will 275 ccs help me reach my goal? (Photo)

My breast width diameter is somewhere around 14 to 14.3. I want to get a 275 cc moderate profile implant for a modest change. is this possible to do?... READ MORE

Implant Reduction by Diameter

The dimensions of my existing implant size is 9.9/4.0. It might sound small to others but I find it too big even at 6 months post-op. :( What are the... READ MORE

Beating myself up. I feel I may have went too small

Ive been beating myself up. I chose 339's & had BA 3 wks ago. I was a 34A preop, BWD 13.2, 5'2, 124ish lbs. my choices were between 339, 371, 397. I... READ MORE

Subjective? Two Different Diagram Measurements Btwn Docs

I got measured for the diameter in sonograms and the first person said my right was 13', left 12. The second person who measured said they were both... READ MORE

Is 460 cc saline implant overfilled to 500 cc, the same size in diameter as a 500 cc saline implant filled to 500 cc?

I wanted to know if a 460 saline implant filled to 500 cc's is the same size in diameter as a 500 saline implant filled to 500 cc's? I am having... READ MORE

Should I go with 280cc saline or 320cc saline? (Photo)

I know there's not much difference, but I am wondering if I should go with 280cc filled to approximately 300cc or if I should go with 320cc filled to... READ MORE

What Happens if the Plastic Surgeon Uses a Smaller Diameter?

If you measure in the 12"diameter in a breast implant and the surgeon uses smaller size in the 11" diameter and you have a lot of breast... READ MORE

Are my boobs too small?

I'm 115lbs, 5'3. 32aa. Started off pretty flat and got 385cc high profile under the muscle.. I think my diameter was 12cm and the implants were like... READ MORE

From Cup C/D to DD/DDD high or moderate profile? (Photo)

Hi, I have mild/moderate ptosis and a C/D Cup. I dream of a DD or bigger. My chest width is arround 15,5cm. I'd like to go with 400cc left and 450cc... READ MORE

Does your breast base width determine your implant width size?

Hi Doctors I recently had my breasts measured. I had a base width of 11.5cm & stretch of my breast skin envelope was 3cm I like Inspiron FP & my... READ MORE

Do they make high profile saline implants in different diameters ?

I was told this type would achieve what I wanted. But the sample seemed to have a small diameter and I wasn't sure if it would provide fullness all... READ MORE

How do I get a smaller diameter but maintain my cleavage? (photo)

I want to go from a 700 moderate implant to a 750 moderate plus to get a smaller diameter but avoid getting a gap. Is this recommended? Whats the best... READ MORE

I have a natural breast diameter of 12.2, would a larger diameter be advisable? Can new implants be inserted through the armpit?

I've had 2 boob jobs. 1st.saline 315cc in 2005. Both done through the armpit. In 2010 had redone to silicone 725cc. Feb 2014 had removed. I initially... READ MORE

I am 5'6" and weigh 133 pounds. I just had my breast augmentation today, and was previously a 34A. (Photo)

My left boob was bigger then my right, so my doctor put in 425CC in the left and 500CC in the right. I do not wear a bra for a few weeks until they... READ MORE

I just went for a consultation and now I am confused. My breast diameter is 12.5. I want natural looking breasts

I chose the 350 cc high profile I think I should have chosen 339 mod profile I want natural breast about two sizes bigger I am a a. Please help READ MORE

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