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What Size Implant Should I Go For? I Am Currently a 34D. (photo)

I am wanting silicone implants placed under the muscle to achieve a perky round look. I am unsure of the size I should go for. My breasts are not very... READ MORE

Natural 32D Increase to 32DD/E?

Hello, I am 20 years old, five foot three and 110 pounds. I have natural 32D breasts and want to go up one cup size because I used to be a 32DD before... READ MORE

Moderate/Moderate Plus/ Vs High Profile?

I am 5'8 139 pounds. Currently i have 600cc moderate implants and although they are a nice size I still feel flat, the sit very wide in my bra but... READ MORE

I am a large frame girl. I am currently a 38 D I would like to be a DD or E cup. What cc would you recommend? (photos)

These are my breast. They do not sag nor will I have a breast lift. Due to the fact of scaring. READ MORE

Am I Going Too Big?

I am comfortable with my surgeon but I don't want to make bad choice so doing extra research. I am 33 y/o 5'3" 165lbs. I work out often... READ MORE

Could I Get the Fake Look with Mild Ptosis Prior to Surgery?

I lost weight when I was younger and therefore my breasts have a "deflated" appearance, but I have done the pencil test, and my nipples do not appear... READ MORE

Normal for a purse string stitch to hurt?

4 years ago I had a circular "donut" lift in conjunction with silicon breast implants. I was a 34D before surgery and now a 34DD. I can feel the purse... READ MORE

What is my best options on getting a breast augmentation? (Photo)

I'm 42 years old and have sagging breast. This coming March I would like to have a breast augmentation with the gummy bear implants. I'm a D cup and... READ MORE

Size of Implant for Revision - What Size Would Fit my Frame?

Currently have 360 cc over muscle,for 13 years. I was originally a 34B bra size and now wear 34D. I have BF 4 kids.6 ft & now weigh ~139. Small... READ MORE

Best option to increase boob size as well as the gap between my boobs?

I have 32D boobs and would like to be 34D or 32DD. I'm 115 pounds and 5'2. I also have a gap between my boobs which I would like to be fixed if... READ MORE

What do you recommend, lift, reduction, augmentation or a combo? (Photos)

Hi Mother of two 160 lbs, size 36D. I am thinking about a lift and would like to achieve the fullness / volume similar to the wish photos I posted.... READ MORE

Confused on implant options. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 5'2, 120lbs & 30 yrs old. I have breastfed 2 children & also gained & lost large amounts of weight over the last 5 yrs. As a result my breasts... READ MORE

7 months post-op; breasts are too big. 275cc Saline implants to restore roundness. Used to be a 34D now I am a 34DD (Photos)

Also right nipple is still numb - so are the undersides of both breasts. The scar is still swollen especially around right nipple. Also right nipple... READ MORE

Why are my Breasts feeling heavy after 2 months after BA

I started with a deflated 32D. I got 300cc moderate silicone under the muscle and now 32DD. I am two months post op and my implants are feel very... READ MORE

I'm a deflated D, considering going 500 ccs to 525 ccs. But I'm now considering 450 ccs as my max. What should I do? (Photos)

I dont want to go to be big where I will regret it 5 7 years from now. Because im doing the LIFT with implant. Also would I need a reinforcement... READ MORE

How many cc's is recommended to get a d-dd size and a more "roundish" look? (Photos)

Hi, i m thai, 33 years old and i git a breast augmentation 2 years ago, from former 32 AA to 32 b/c with 300/325cc round mentor implants. Now im... READ MORE

Weird sensations years after breast augmentation.

I've had my breast done going on 6 years... incision under the nipple, 400cc implants. Was a 32d now a 32dd...No problems except a double bubble..... READ MORE

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