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Is Compression Bra Required? It's Bruising Me (photo)

I am going to call my Dr's office but wanted to ask for some add'l medical input. My doc gave me a compression bra; on post-op instructions insisted I... READ MORE

Will Wearing a Compression Band for One Breast Implant Make Both Move Down?

I am 4 months post-op, under muscle silicone implants. One has settled perfectly with a very natural slope. The other is still riding high and has... READ MORE

My Doctor Gave Me a Compression Band, Will It Drop or Settle in to a Normal Positon?

I got gummy bear implants one week ago, and one side was always higher than the other. I was curently an A cup and my doctor used 350 cc of Silicon.... READ MORE

Does it look like my breast are starting to drop n fluff? Still don't know what it means. (photos)

I had the stiches out today feel so much better. Do my breast 500cc textured silicone look like they are "fluffing". My ps and gp advised me of... READ MORE

Will my Breast Change Shape Because of Compression from Bra?

It also seems that the special surgical bra does not hold the implant up good enough?? Certainly do not want them to sag!!! Thanks for your help! READ MORE

5 weeks post op breast implants, are they settling evenly? Also, do I have too much "side boob"? (photos)

I received 425 cc silicone high profile under the muscle 5 weeks ago. I am 5'6 and weigh 117 lbs. at both my 2 day and 3 week post op appointments, my... READ MORE

Will my right implant ever drop? (photo)

I am 5 months post op, 425cc saline under muscle, transumbilical. My left feels soft and full and has dropped perfectly. My right on the other hand,... READ MORE

High Textured Implants at 3 Weeks Post-op. Doctor is Concerned!!

I got textured, 250cc silicone implants. Since then I have left the country where I had surgery. I have been sending pictures to my surgeon through... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wear the Foam Pads Under my Compression Garments?

Hi there, I'm 8 days post surgery from having breast implants removed, a breast lift, and liposuction on my abdomen, inner & outer thighs, and... READ MORE

Can I Wear Compression Tape Around my Breasts Instead of a Compression Bra for a Day? How Tight?

I am a weeks and a half out of surgery 325cc under arm and muscle and need to get a spray tan for work and don't want strap lines, so was... READ MORE

Are my implants too low and heavy? (photos)

My implants are 24hours old and i am wearing a compression strap for a week but i thought they normally sit high? Mine have lower volume . I wasnt... READ MORE

Does my 400cc silicone under the muscle implant look normal? 8 days post op (Photo)

Im 25, I have 400cc Silicone implants, under the muscle with the incision through my nipples. i was a A cup.. Now a full C, lower D. Im 8 days Post Op... READ MORE

Best And/or Necessary Post Op Procedures (Implant Displacement & Sports/compression Bra)?

My PS advised me to wear the sports bra for 6 wks and hasn't discussed implant displacement exercises. Does the sports bra or displacement... READ MORE

Am I forming a double bubble 5 weeks post op? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post op breast augmentation - under the muscle 325 cc silicone. I feel like my right breast is starting to form a double bubble. Are... READ MORE

Are my boobs sitting too low? (Photo)

Im 24 hrs out of having implants and i am to wear a compression strap for a week but they seem bottom heavy i wasnt saggy before and i went 275cc... READ MORE

My breast bottomed out after dr made me wear a compression band (Photo)

I had implants before they were 500cc silicone, then I breastfed my children for 4 years total. I recently had breast redone and I was specific in... READ MORE

Will Breasts Drop by 1.5 Inches?

450ccs Silicone Submusc. Riding High. Is It Reasonable for Them to Drop 1.5 Inches? I just got them today and know there is an adjustment phase,... READ MORE

Compression bra 5 days post op (Photo)

I had an allergic reaction to post op tape and had to remove it ( contacted surgeon and they confirmed this was fine) However...when they suggested a... READ MORE

Bottoming out? Or all in my head? (Photo)

I am worried that I may have forced my UHP implants too low by wearing the compression strap over the top of my breasts. Since I have large implants... READ MORE

Compression band after breast augmentation

I am 3 days post op and still wearing my compression band, seems that they feel more tight and hurt more when I'm wearing it. Started doing my... READ MORE

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