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Hurt muscle, lung, rib or breast? Hurts to take deep breathes in and out only on the left side, from having back popped.

A very large man picked me up and squeezed me really hard to crack my back, horrible idea now I'm in sever pain in only the left side of my upper... READ MORE

Waking Up Gasping for Air Because Breast Implant Causing Pressure?

I had breast implants done 3 months ago, everything been fine until recently. I wake up constantly gasping for air no matter what positon I am in. It... READ MORE

What Are Dangers of Breast Implant Rupture?

My sister had the implants put in over 15 years ago, she now has a lump above the implant and suffers shortness of breath and pain. we are scared READ MORE

Why am I having shortness of breath after getting 700cc high profile silicone implants?

I am almost 3 months post op from getting 700cc high profile silicone implants under the muscle...I've had shortness of breath ever since and it seems... READ MORE

My saline implants were placed 5 days ago. Is it normal to have shortness of breath?

My saline implants were placed 5 days ago. If I move around a lot or go up stairs it takes me a little bit to get my breaths. Is this normal? They... READ MORE

Why am I in so much pain? (Photos)

It's day 3, I went with 560cc, under the muscle. I am still in so much pain! I did manage to sleep last night and have taken my strap off and cleaned... READ MORE

Shortness of breath/chest/back pain after BA?

8 days post op 450 cc silicone (subpectoral) I am having a hard time breathing since I had the surgery. I woke up in the recovery room screaming about... READ MORE

Is there any connection between breast implants and breathing problems or other pulmonary issues?

My sister had implants about 3-4 years ago. Recently she was diagnosed with a pulminary embulism. She was hospitalized but then sent home and taking... READ MORE

Are my boobs too high? Lots of bruising normal? Can't sleep at night, waking up 3-4 times to catch my breath. Feeling sad(Photo)

Started out 36 A added Natrelle 640 cc anatomic implants. Still taking meds. Major pressure not feeling better by the day. Boobs are so very high up!... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel so out of breath? I had my op one month ago.

Im a month post op breast it normal to feel so out of breath? It comes and goes during the day it depends on what in doing but i wouldnt feel... READ MORE

I have had cohesive gel implants for almost 15 years. Any suggestions?

About 3 weeks ago the right breast became swollen and now painful. It hurts my shoulder blade on the same side and sometimes hurts to breathe. I have... READ MORE

Daughter hit me in my right breast implant & fell on top. What could have happened to my implant? What type of damage? (Photos)

My daughter elbowed me in my right breast implant and fell on top. I'm in so much pain. It eased just a tad bit but then the day after I went zip... READ MORE

Recent silicone implants and asthma/lung burning connection?

Two months ago I got silicone breast implants. Within the past month I have noticed some very minor trouble breathing. Three days ago I woke up... READ MORE

Breast augmentation and pulmonary embolism, had BA March 8. 500cc with concious sedation. I've been experiencing fatigue.

Shortness of breath and chest pain, after 3 weeks i decided to go to the gym since I've alwaysworkout while doing cardio I got really agitated and... READ MORE

Is this bruising normal? Day 2 post-op (Photo)

I met with a nurse (I assume) instead of the doctor on the day after surgery. I asked her if the bruising was normal and she said she didn't see any... READ MORE

Please can you advise on my actions and possible damage. Thankyou.

I was dancing last Tuesday, I was lifted awkwardly, I felt a pop, it took my breath away. I wasn't sure if it was a rib, but felt strong pain in my... READ MORE

Can implants cause nausea, shortness of breath, thyroid issues years down the line?

I am considering implants but read an article on'celebrities who regret their implants' and a lot of them state the implants gave them bouts of... READ MORE

Review below. Which is the best Doctor for breathing problems around 16066?

My wife has daily breathing problems after recently having breast surgery and needs to know who the BEST Doctor is close to Cranberry Township, PA... READ MORE

Have I pulled a chest muscle 5 weeks post op? I briefly lifted my 5 year old around week 4 and since have been in a lot of pain.

I am especially in pain when I lay down in bed and can't lay on my side, which I have been doing for weeks. The pain has gotten worse and it is... READ MORE

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