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6 Weeks Post-Op Breast Implants, Will my Left Breast Drop on Its Own? (Photo)

Im 6 weeks post op from a breast enlargement and my left breast is not dropping and a different shape . I notied 3 hours after the op that it was... READ MORE

Breast Implant Not Dropped, Uneven Nipples, 1 1/2 Months After Augmentation? (photo)

I had my breasts done September 27th. One had dropped nicely. One has not. They are both soft not hard. One sits a lot higher making the nipple point... READ MORE

Left Breast Higher and Firmer Than Right Breast 5 Weeks 2 Days Post Op?

I had 420cc High Profile saline implants under the muscle 5 wks 2 days ago (B cup before surgery hoping to acheivea full c after)and the left breast... READ MORE

What Would Cause Pressure/pain on Breast Crease? 450cc, Saline Under Muscle, Crease Incision? (photo)

I posted a "?" a few wks ago w/ pics regarding a concern with "bottoming out" of my left implant. 3 dr. on this site, as well as my PS, assured me... READ MORE

Are my Breast Implants Too Close Together? (photo)

I am 1 month and a half post op. I went moderate profile, left 470ccs right 410ccs. I feel that my breast implants are too close to eachother and Im... READ MORE

Does This Look Like I Have Symmastia. I'm 7 Weeks Pot Op and I'm Freaking Out? (photo)

I'm 5'4 and weight 105. Have 3 kids and had always been flat chested. 400Cc on each side. Negative 32A to a full C READ MORE

My Breast Implant Incisions Are Leaking 6 Weeks After Surgery What Should I Do? (photo)

The first two pictures are of my left breast which has yellow stuff around it and is leaking yellow stuff. the last pic is of my right breast which... READ MORE

My Girl Friend is at 6 Weeks Post Op and They Haven't Dropped Yet? (photo)

My girls boobs have not yet droped,she started working out 4 weeks after,she's now at 6 weeks and there to far apart and not dropping very well,she's... READ MORE

Rectangular Breasts? Normal? (photo)

I got breast implants on june 25. I was a b and deflated saggy c. I had 475 & 500 cc high profile silicone implants under the muscle. When will... READ MORE

Textured Implant Not Dropped at 6.5 Wks Po. PS Going to Do Revision. Why Did This Happen? (photo)

I am almost 7 weeks po with textured Allergan Naturelle 110 450's unders. My doctor told me to go braless at my 2wk po appt to help them "drop". They... READ MORE

Do I Have Symmastia? Only 6 Weeks Post Op (photo)

I am worried that the tenting is permanent. Can anyone please give me some advice? Attached are pictures at 6 weeks post surgery READ MORE

6 weeks post op, my breast have sunken and flat appearance of the nipples? Is this normal? (photos)

I have silicone, breast implants placed under the muscle six weeks ago with areola incision. They look great with the exception of my right... READ MORE

Is one my breast implants too low? Do I need revision to lower one? (Photo)

752cc, mod plus. 6 week, is one of my breast implant too low? Or the other one to high? Would I need revision to lower one?, To be a line with the one... READ MORE

Bottoming Out? (photos)

I am 6 weeks post op BA. Is it normal for the implant to sit this low?especially when I lay down or have my arms up, the implant slides below the IMF... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op, Upset with Results After BA? (photo)

(Stats on Captions) The Last Pic, Size I chose. I know its not much difference to what I got but I would have assumed that since it was going under... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel a Bit Harder on a Breast Which Had a Hetatoma Removal After Breast Implant? (photo)

I had my breast implant 1 and half months. My right breast had a Hematoma occurred 2 weeks ago. It's been 2 weeks after the removal of hematoma... READ MORE

Breast Implant Rippling 6 Weeks Post Op?

I'm 6 week post op having breast implants. I went over the muscle with 400cc using silicon. I weight 120lbs and do have thin skin. My left breast is... READ MORE

I Was 6weeks Post Op and One Night I Pulled on Something and my Right Breast Started to Hurt?

Hurt really bad and got huge!! I then felt a pop, I had to go to ER the pain was so bad. I went to my PS within a day and he was ready to operated but... READ MORE

Boobs Too Big! I Need Honest Answers, What Can I Expect?

I'm now 6 weeks post op, had a BA plus a breast lift, I had lots of tissues, my breasts weren't small, when I used bras they would be 32D but they... READ MORE

Antibiotics and Anti-inflammatory Drugs to Help Breast Implant Drop?

6 weeks post-op. Cant get to surgeon so went to family dr. who precribed me antibiotics and a anti-inflammitory. theres no pain or sweelling. I went... READ MORE

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