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One Breast Bigger Than the Other? (photo)

Hello, so i had my surgery april 11th, which is almost 3 months ago. It looks like they have dropped, but one is dropped way lower then the other. I... READ MORE

Muscle Flex Deformity Post Breast Implants

I am seeing my doctor for my 3 1/2 month follow up appointment. I consider myself having bad muscle flex deformity. I knew going into surgery that I... READ MORE

Breast Implants Not Dropping 3 Months Post Op? (photo)

I had breast augmentation done 3 months ago, 330cc under the muscle silicone moderate profile. Although they have dropped a little they are still more... READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Implants: Right Breast May Have Double Bubble

I am three months post OP. I have 275 silicone implants on the right and 234 on the left. They are under the muscle. My right breast feels weird and... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Are Uneven After 3 Months, Do I Need a Revision? (Photos)

I am extremely upset. I had a BA back in June 21, 2011. It is over 3 months today. I had under the muscle, mentor,smooth saline, 525 cc. The left one... READ MORE

Anyone experience anything like this?

When I flex my muscles my breasts take on completely different shapes.  My scar tissue has attached to the muscle so my nipples have an indention... READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Augmentation. What is Wrong With My Breasts? (photo)

Hi, i had my BA done 4/19/12 so just about 12 wks post op. I have 400cc under's sillcone i was a 34 A.. My left breast is much higher than my right,... READ MORE

When I Touch my Scars Why Does It Feel Like There is Something Tough Under my Skin Just Around Scarline? (photo)

Hi, I've had my surgery 2,5 months ago. It is 225cc both and under the muscle. I have problems with my scars. My scars are below my breast. Everthing... READ MORE

My Breast Look Different After 3 Months Post Op, is this Normal? (photo)

I have 3 months post op of my breast augmentation. I have 340cc implants, silicone, under the muscle. The left i think is perfect but the right one i... READ MORE

14 Weeks Post Op. Not Satisfied with Results. Implants Seems Too Wide. When Can I Change my Implants? (photo)

(transaxillary silicon gel 250/275cc moderate profile). I am very petite 5’1” 103lbs, 26.5” ribcage. I am not 100% satisfied with the results. I feel ... READ MORE

Do my Breast Implants Look Too Low on the Breast Bone and Also Too Wide for my Frame? (photo)

I had surgery 3 months ago to remove my ruptured PIPs and at the time of the consultation I asked my surgeon if I could go slightly smaller as I was... READ MORE

Pain After Breast Implants Nerve Regeneration?

Hard to describe the pain. Constant allover breast burning (not nipple) (inframam incis 400 silicone undr mus). Also feels like I need to hold breast... READ MORE

I Had my Implants Done 3 Months Ago One is Bigger Than the Other and the Right One Sags

My implants were done 3 months ago and one seems bigger than the other and the right one sags, The Dr out 450 in the right and 470 in the left. I... READ MORE

Are My Breast Implants Are Too Low? (photo)

I had my implants for 3 months, 375 round Allergan, dual plane, inframammary crease incision. At 10 days I started to notice a double bubble effect on... READ MORE

3 Months Post-op Saline Implants - Can I Sleep on My Stomach?

I Am 3 Mths Postop with Saline Implants. Is It Safe to Sleep on my Stomach? READ MORE

12 Weeks Post Op Breast Implants, and Feel Deformed? (photo)

Hello, I am currently 12 weeks post op. 350 cc silicone under the muscle.I feel like I look deformed. However my doctor says I look great... I am very... READ MORE

Still Saggy Under the Breast After Implants

I had the 410's implants put in 3 months ago, 325cc's. However, there is still a lot of loose skin sagging under the breast. I am 5'2", 119lbs. I also... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Breast Implants to Even Out?

I got a breast augmentation 3 months ago on the 26 one of them still looks alot higher than the other. it is very noticible when i wear low cut shirts... READ MORE

Follow Up Implants Still Too Far Apart and Under my Arm. 3 Months Post Op. What To Do? (photo)

Pre op I was 32A. I got 265cc Natrelle/full projection/round/textured/silicone gel. Under muscle/aerola incision. Surgery date Feb 6/12 I posted here... READ MORE

Left Breast Appears To Be Sagging 3 Months Post-Op. Is This Normal?

I had surgery almost 3 months ago, and have noticed in the past month that the left breast almost looks as if it is sagging. My doctor told me that I... READ MORE

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