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Breast Implant Size to Achieve Medium C Cup?

Hi, I am looking for some advice. I am currently a large A/small B cup and I'm looking to go to a medium C cup. I am 5'8' and 175 lbs. my ribcage is... READ MORE

600 or 800 Cc's over or Under the Muscle? Will These Achieve my Goal? Thank You (photo)

My BA appointment is 2 weeks away, we ordered 600 and 800 cc hi profile saline implants. My question is, I want the "full round, pornstar look" with... READ MORE

Will a 500cc Breast Implants Make Me a Full D or DD if Am a Full B Now?

Am 21 have 3 children all breast fed for 6 months, am 175 lbs 5/7. I was told that am a B cup and I want to be a large D or DD. What cc breast... READ MORE

Doctor Suggested 600cc-700cc - is This Right for a Round DD?

I am a mother of 3 little girls ages 8,7,and 5 years old. I am definetly wanting to get a Breast Aug. I went in for my consult and her are the... READ MORE

650cc or 700cc? Silicone HP unders. I'm hoping for a rounded "fake" appearance that gives me upper pole fullness. (Photo)

Hello I'm driving myself crazy. I'm getting HP silicone unders in 15 days.. I can't decide between 650cc and 700cc.. I know it's a large implant but I... READ MORE

Can I Use Two Different Breast Implant Profiles to Correct Natural Asymmetry?

A little preface. I'm 5'8, 170lbs, asymmetrical (38C & 38D) I do have a good amt of tissue. I've had my pre op today & tried on... READ MORE

Implant Size 500-600cc take me from a 36D to 36DDD?

I am interested in breast implants and possibly a lift. I am current a 36D/38C 5'8" 180lbs. While i know it could not be exact i was wondering what... READ MORE

How Invasive is It to Down Size Existing Breast Implants?

I had breast augmentation on 3/12. I got a large size of 825 cc!!! I'm a 5'10' woman weight 175lbs. I feel that they are too large and they make look... READ MORE

5'2 175lb Currently a Large B, is 400cc a Good Size?

I am planning to have a tummy tuck and liposuction on hips, bra roll and underneath breasts as I have large rib cage. Will I look too top heavy? READ MORE

Can I Play Tackle Football After Silicone Implants?

I am 5'9 170 and have 425cc silicone implants. I got invited to play on a professional womens football team and was wondering if this is a good idea.... READ MORE

500 Cc's Implants Already a 36dd is 500 Too Big? (photo)

I am re-posting the same question but, with pics. I am 5'9 170 lbs with very wide breasts. I am having a BA with scar revision. My current bra size is... READ MORE

Is 450cc Too Big for Someone 5'6 and 175lb?

So my surgery date has been set for january 2011 and i'm kinda confused about the sizing. i liked the 450cc but not to sure if its too big for me. READ MORE

Silicone High Profile Smooth Under Muscle Implants - Right for Me?

I was advised by my Dr. to go with silicon-HP-smooth under the muscle implants. I am 5'8 180lbs. He told me this will take me to a full C cup.I... READ MORE

Interested in Breast Implants but still have 20 pounds to lose...do I need to wait until I have lost all my weight?

Hello I am on a journey of self-improvement and over the past 12 months have lost 40 pounds through a combination of healthy diet and exercise. ... READ MORE

Realistic Goals? (photos)

I DON'T want ANY breast lift. I'm *COMPLETELY HAPPY & CONTENT* w/where my nipples lie. SIMPLE, TWO-FOLD QUESTION: Will High Profile Implants (sub... READ MORE

Are 550 Cc Too Big for Me?

My surgery is this friday. I'm 6'2 and 170 pounds. My cup size is a small A and I want to be a small D. READ MORE

565 cc gummy bear high profile. I am wondering if I chose too big. I'm 5'7" and 170 lbs.

I am 31 had consultation for BA and decided for 565 cc gummy bear implants. Now I am wondering if I choose to big. I am 5'7 and 170 pounds. Any... READ MORE

Are my goals realistic with my current shape? (Photo)

At 5'9" 170 lbs, I'm a very small c maybe a b, I feel as if after two kiddos my breast are just empty ski slope looking things that kind of just sit... READ MORE

I Am 41 Years Old, 175 Lbs, 5'5" Tall Considering 500CC Sil. Is This Too Big? Want Natural Look.

I tried on the sizers today, but just not sure what that will look like in real life. Im so confused and need a crystal ball :) READ MORE

I'm 5'2 170lbs what CC's should I get to be a large D cup? (photo)

I have lost about 60lbs and although I know i'm still over weight I'm comfortable with myself the way I am now; so I am wanting to get breast implants... READ MORE

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