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When Do Breast Implants "Drop" or Fall into Place?

I just came back from my 1 week check up, and my breast implants have not yet dropped. They are so high that they are not even covering my regular... READ MORE

Feeling Incredibly Small After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Hi all! So I have my breast implant surgery on Thursday 8/16/12. I've been super depressed the past few days b/c my implants just look and feel SO... READ MORE

When I Wake Up in the Morning, my Breasts Feel So Tight and Swollen. Is This Normal? (photo)

I am 5 days Post-Op (400cc Mentor Silicone Gel, High Profile, under the muscle). When I wake up in the mornings, my breasts feel like they are two... READ MORE

Saline Implants Sticking out Underneath Breast (photo)

I am a week out of breast augmentation. I have 250cc saline smooth implants under the muscle. And ever since day two I have noticed the left breast... READ MORE

Are my Implants Too Big? They've Looked Very Wrong From Day 1. (photo)

Remove and Replace Oct 5th 550cc HP above muscle to 750cc MRP below muscle. They have not looked right from day 1. The implant does not fill my breast... READ MORE

Okay to Stop Sleeping Elevated After Breast Implants?

It has been 8 days since my breast implant surgery. Is it okay to stop sleeping elevated now? READ MORE

1 Week Post Breast Implants: 280CC Too Big For my Frame

Im 5'4 and 50 kg. Ribcage is 29'. I requested conservative augmentation, but i wasn't able to choose the exact size. I got 280 cc overs,... READ MORE

Is Compression Bra Required? It's Bruising Me (photo)

I am going to call my Dr's office but wanted to ask for some add'l medical input. My doc gave me a compression bra; on post-op instructions insisted I... READ MORE

One Breast Softer Than the Other, Should I Worry? (photo)

I got my implants a week ago today. 420 cc, saline, behind the muscle. Feel greatm very little pain. My left breast is much softer and easier to... READ MORE

Will a Piece of Gauze Embedded into the Incision Be Automatically Expelled by the Body? (photo)

Three weeks after my mastopexy surgery with implants my left breast vertical incision opened at the bottom. A light red liquid continued to ooze out... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Left Breast One Week Post Op?

I had my breast augmentation on week ago. I went for a AA to a C with 300cc silicone under the muscle inserted under the breast. The recovery has... READ MORE

How Much Will a Breast Augmentation Result Size Change After Surgery?

I am one week post op from a breast augmentation, 450 cc under the muscle. I am very surprised how small the result is compared to the sizers I tried... READ MORE

Bruising One Week After Breast Implant Surgery

I got my implant on 11/09/2010, under the armpit, saline 375cc. I started out with an A cup. I followed all of surgeon instruction. There was no... READ MORE

Are There Internal Stitches Used in Breast Augmentation? I Had Mine 6 Days Ago and Felt a Tear but See No Outward Signs.

I had 300 CC silicone implants via areolar incision and am 6 days post-op. I feel great and have no pain from the swelling anymore but sometimes when... READ MORE

8 Days Post-op Breast Implants, Left Breast Feels Different?

Originally a 34B cup and had 420cc saline smooth high profile under the muscle implants. Both breast are still very high and tight however the left is... READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Cause Hives?

I received breast implants one week ago from today, and 3 days ago broke out in a serious rash/hives all over my body and face. I realize this could... READ MORE

Breast Implants Through the Armpit. Hard Feeling on Side of the Ribs on Right Side, Should I be Concerned?

I had my BA 10 days ago. Had unders through the armpit. My left side is healing great, but my right seems to be a problem. There was a lot of bruising... READ MORE

My Doctor Gave Me a Compression Band, Will It Drop or Settle in to a Normal Positon?

I got gummy bear implants one week ago, and one side was always higher than the other. I was curently an A cup and my doctor used 350 cc of Silicon.... READ MORE

This is Getting Scarier by the Day! Can't Move. Hematoma Middle of Chest or Just Major Bruising? (photo)

Low Grade Fever. 6 days post op - getting very tired of not being able to move. My bruise has gotten worse - I think yesterday I was way too active... READ MORE

Will Breasts Get Smaller Once the Implant Settles? (photo)

I had my breast lift and breast implants on april 6 2012 I started with a small B cup and had large areolas, I really wanted to be a small to an... READ MORE

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