Neck Pain + Breast Implant Removal

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Had Breast Implants Removed Because they Were Causing Neck and Shoulder Pain from Bad Posture, Could this have Benn Avoided?

I am a software designer who works sitting down, often unconsciously slouched. I had breast augmentation this January, but had to take them out in... READ MORE

Did removal of implants help with shoulder and trapezius muscle pain? Neck Hurts Too.

Just wanting to know if you got relief? My implants are too big for me and I have those issues. Thanks for any info! I am so nervous!! I will not be... READ MORE

Will removing breast implants with a lift correct this problem? Implants are 9 years old (Photo)

I'm 28 and got sub muscular saline implants almost 10 years ago. For the past few years I've been incredibly unhappy because of them - severely... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get breast implants removed when there isn't any issues with them? (Photo)

I was wondering what a normal price range would be to remove 8 yr old breast implants. I've had no major issues, just back, shoulder, and neck pain... READ MORE

How long should drain tubes stay in after breast explant surgery/capsule removal? How long does it usually take to fluff back?

I have 13 year old saline implants under the muscle, 400 cc, 60 year old. I am having a lot of auto-immune symptoms, neck and shoulder pain, leg... READ MORE

Can breast implants be removed while breastfeeding?

I am very unhappy and uncomfortable with my large implants. I am unable to find a good supportive nursing bra which is leading to neck and shoulder... READ MORE

Given the time and the size of my boobs now, will I have bad sagging once they are removed? (photo)

Implants are 8years old size 380ml was put in instead of the 350ml i asked for. Have been told i would suffer from severe sagging and need a lift... READ MORE

Explant with capsule? Implants will have only been in for 5 weeks. Is it necessary?!

I will have had cohesive silicone gel implants under the muscle for 5 wks. I am wanting an explant. Would I require capsule removal? Would there be... READ MORE

Will United Healthcare Community Plan cover breast reduction?

To start, I got 840 cc saline implants four years and seven months ago. At that time I was over 200 pounds and a DD, then got pregnant and gained more... READ MORE

I need an explant ASAP I am needing to get my triple D saline implants that are under the muscle removed ASAP!!

In July it will be 3yrd I had them. I dont have a capsular contracture. Want to do it under local anesthesia. I have asked and ALL SA Drs I call want... READ MORE

Breast implants behind muscles causing pain in neck, shoulders and back?

Had breast augmentation in 2014 , 1 year after started getting eye pain , after a few months they found out that I have occipital neuralgia. Treated... READ MORE

Just been diagnosed with ms - Had 290cc under muscle implants 2 years ago.

One breast is slightly distorted buy cyst and is painfull. Will my breasts sag if I have removal. And will my neck and back pain go and pain in armpits. READ MORE

Any surgeons in Oregon certified to do explant with en bloc? I continue to have neck and upper back pain.

I have Mentor saline breast implants and my right side ruptured twice. My breast augmentation was October 3, 2012. My right implant is not even in the... READ MORE

Can separation of the chest wall be fixed?

10 years ago I got implants. I was very thin and they were bigger and they got my skin separated from the chest wall. I started to have a lot of neck... READ MORE

Will insurance cover breast explant surgery if original surgery was covered because of bilateral congenital deformity?

Had 390/420cc saline breast implants over muscle 1993. Insurance covered, had bilateral congenital deformity. Went from AA to a small C. 1995... READ MORE

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