Inflammation + Breast Implant Removal

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Best Course of Treatment for a Hematoma?

I recently had explant and mastopexy, grade IV capsular contracture to left. Capsule removed with significant inflammation and blood evident, in last... READ MORE

Should I Have my Implants Removed if I Suspect They Are the Cause of my Sudden Joint and Muscle Pain?

I've had my 300cc breast implants for 15 weeks and over the last 3 weeks I've been suffering with arthritis like symptoms in my shoulders, wrists and... READ MORE

I got breast implants 4 months ago and had them removed along w/most of my inflamed natural tissue. I'm not sure why. (Photo)

I had 350 cc mod plus implants under the muscle put in&a month post op had a superficial infection my PS cut me open cleaned it out&restitched me. I... READ MORE

Inflammation with Explanting and Uneven Breasts, Normal?

My explant surgery was on July 26th so now it's been a bit over a week. My recovery has been great but my only concern is how my left breast is so... READ MORE

What is the right time for Explant?

I had breast implant 2 November 2015 , I don't feel comfortable , it is a Silicone implant, cut right under breast. I would like to know the right... READ MORE

How long is breast capsule removal surgery? Can DIEP or SGAP be done same time? How long both procedure together? (Photo)

Implants removed 2013 when right implant ruptured and egg size piece silicon went under arm to lymph nodes. 2 lymph nodes right side also removed then... READ MORE

I'm 10 Days Post Op With Constant Bleeding. Want To Remove Implants?

I Had BA Ten Days Ago And Continue To Bleed From My Left SiDe. Is This Normal? I Want To Have My Implants Removed Asap. Is This A Good Idea With... READ MORE

Broken capsules after mammogram?

Is it feasible that my capsules can be broken after a mammogram? I experienced terrible breast pain/burning and inflammation. Lasted about 7 weeks.... READ MORE

My incisions keep opening up after breast lift and implants. What can I do?

Original surgery 10-2014. One did not drop so a release was done 5-2015. Incision opened and started draining. One implant removed July 2015 with the... READ MORE

Is it/ when is possible to replace implants after Infection?

I have bilaterale mastectomy due a cancer ten months ago. Last week my right breast become warm and swolen. My doctor notice seroma around my right... READ MORE

Could have my BA triggered a imflammed lymph node on my side breast rib area? Constant problems a year after removal. (Photo)

I had a BA tranx and went to large for my small frame and developed a lump on my right side breast I kept telling my ps it bothered me it was hurting... READ MORE

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