25 Years Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal After 25 Years

Well, the time has come for my implants to come out. I've had no problems with them at all until about two weeks ago when I noticed slight... READ MORE

Would Mastopexy Be Needed with Breast Implant Explantation? (photo)

I'm 61 y/o with 25 plus yr. old silicone implants placed subglandular. I am tall and very thin. I am not replacing the implants, but have had 2... READ MORE

Originally Had Axillary Incision Under Armpit, Can Implants Be Removed Through The Breast?

Hello Doctors I have a question? I had gel silicon breast implants put in 26yrs ago under the armpit behind the muscle I want to take them out can I... READ MORE

I Went from a 32a to a Full 32b 25 Years Ago?

I am having the implants removed this month. There is no sagging of the breasts at the moment, but will they sag after the explant? READ MORE

Do I Need to Remove my Saline Implants As They Are 23 Years Old?

I have had my implants for over 23 years with no problems. They were inserted under the pectorial muscles. READ MORE

I Have Old Implants from 1987 Should I Have Them Out?

Please tell me what to do I have old implants 1987 silicon 250cc they look pretty much the same a little smaller in size. Should I have them removed.... READ MORE

Old Silicone Implants?

I'm 61 yrs. old. I've had implants for about 26 years. I have discomfort and pain in both breasts. My last Mammogram showed "changes in the R breast".... READ MORE

Should I have a capsulectomy and removal of my gel implants of 25 years if the are ruptured and leaking? (Photo)

I am 75 years young, but do not want a replacement or uplift. Will my breasts look terrible without nothing done? READ MORE

I am having very old silicone implants removed with en bloc. What sort of recovery time should I expect?

I am going to have silicone implants (over 25 yrs) removed this month with enbloc surgey and since it seems to be a more involved surgery, I was... READ MORE

Possible leaking implant and silicone poisoning. What needs to be done to remove implants and all silicone?

I got my implants in 1988 and have had unexplainable medical issues for several years. I now have new symptoms that are alarming and all are... READ MORE

How extensive is the surgery to remove 25 year old implants?

Imaging shows the the capsule has contracted around the upper part of my left implant and squeezed it into a figure eight; the radiologist is unable... READ MORE

26 year old silicone breast implant removal one has ruptured!

Hello, I am 56 years old and I need to have my silicone breast implants removed they are about 26 years old and one is ruptured, it has hardened some... READ MORE

Do capsules in breast naturally dissolve following explantation?

I have saline implants over the muscle and pronounced CC in right breast. I am considering explanation of both, as they no longer feel or look... READ MORE

Received Silicone Breast Implants as part of Breast Reduction in 1989, that I didn't want. Now looking for advice on removal

I had silicone breast implants included as part of a breast reduction. I did not want implants but surgeon insisted. Year 1989 and I was to get new... READ MORE

One implant/breast swollen, hard and little painful. Augmentation done 24 years ago. What is the cause?

One breast implant swollen, hard and little painful all of a sudden.had implants for approx 25yea rs.i am very worried, what can the cause be? READ MORE

One of my 25 year old implants has ruptured; is it possible to have them both removed and replaced with fat grafting?

My MRI showed the rupture is intracapsular, and I need a plastic surgeon that accepts Medicare and anthem Blue cross. How long does the fat transfer... READ MORE

I think I need an explant and capsulectomy on old breast implants

Got bi-lumen breast implants in 1989. I recently received a recent mammogram result and I have silicone leaking plus a lot of capsulation. Since my... READ MORE

Is this "double bubble"? Mild pain most days in this 450 cc implant. Memes textured from about 28 years ago. (photo)

 Previous set was 325 under muscle. Issue with breast corrected but after two kids, breast feeding and now much older they lay differently and... READ MORE

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