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When Can I Start Raising my Arms over my Head After BA?

I'm a flight attendant and will need to raise my arms above my head to close the overhead bins. I do run on a regular basis so feel I'm pretty... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Go Back to Work?

I am a waitress so I am constantly walking & moving around. I work at a very fast pace restaurant where we do not get many breaks...My job also... READ MORE

Can I Return to Work 2 Days After a Breast Augmentation and Lift, I Work As a Cashier?

Hi, I'm 21 years, 5'1, 108 lbs. I'm having surgery next month like to know if i can return to work as soon as possible. Thanks READ MORE

How is Recovery After a Breast Lift and Implants?

I'm having a lift and aug in a few days and am a hairstylist, so I want to know what to expect as far as a discomfort level and return to work. My... READ MORE

Recovery Time After Breast Augmentation?

I work as a RN on a pretty busy floor. Wondering how much time I will need to take off from work for a breast augmentation. I'm pretty sure with the... READ MORE

Is 3 Weeks Post-Op Breast Augmentation Too Soon to Return to Work?

I had a breast augmentation almost 3 weeks ago. I have 390cc in R. & 400cc in L. high pro. saline under muscle. Dr told me I can return to work... READ MORE

Returning to Work After Breast Augmentation?

After breast augmentation I can only take four days off of work, I'm a cashier and my work doesn't require heavy lifting at all. I was wondering if I... READ MORE

When Can I Return to my Active Job After Having Breast Augmentation?

I don't have the usual desk job. I'm a bartender at a busy bar/restaurant, and my normal shift is anywhere from 10-15 hours long, all of which are... READ MORE

How Much Time off from Work As a Hospital Nurse Will I Need After Submuscular Breast Augmentation?

I work 12 hour nursing shifts in a hospital and my job includes activities like turning and pulling sedated patients up in their beds using lift... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time for Breast Augmentation?

I work a job that requires lifting 30 lb maximum. How long would it take for me to recover from a breast implant? I would like to know when I can go... READ MORE

How Many Days Should I Take off of Work for Breast Implant Surgery?

I work as a hairstylist and I'm constantly moving around and lifting my arms. Sometimes it feels like a workout for my arms. I am getting breast... READ MORE

How Long Does Massage Therapist Need After Breast Implant Before Allow Go Back to Work?

I am Shauna, 49 years, height 5'7", weight 118lbs, I want to know how long do I need t take off from work for breast augmentation ? Thank you. READ MORE

I Feel I Didn't Give My Breasts Enough Time to Heal Before Going Back to Work? Breast Wound is Visible and Yellow Drainage.

Please help I have an issue with my right breast after I have had breast augmentation with a lift around two weeks ago, my left breast is healing... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Lift with Implants Can I Return to Classes?

I am a college student, with classes 4 days a week around 3-4 hours a day with small breaks in between. None of the classes are strenuous, or require... READ MORE

Breast augmentation and a doctors note for time off work?

I plan on getting a breast augmentation within the next few months. However, I have just started a new job and do not want to get into to much trouble... READ MORE

Time off from a Desk Job?

Hello! I am set for my breast augmentation consult on May 7th. I am starting to talk with my coworkers about the time off I will meed pre and post... READ MORE

I'm a police officer and would like to have breast augmentation. How much time can I expect to be on light duty?

I would expect to be completely off of work 4-5 days, but would like an idea of how long it would before I would be cleared to return to full duty.... READ MORE

Is 2weeks Enought Time to Recover Before Going Back to Teaching After Breast Enlargement?

I'm a teacher and would like to have breast enlargmenet surgery at the start of the christmas break, this would mean I would have 2 weeks to... READ MORE

How Long a Recovery Before Giving Massages?

I am a massage therapist. I'm wondering how quickly I could go back to work after a breast lift and augmentation. READ MORE

I Am Planning a Lift with Augmentation. I Have a 3 Wk Vacation to Get This Done?

I am working in Afghan and I have 3 wks vac. in India to do this. Then back to work. I am an eng. work in the office, occassion walk site. I cant be... READ MORE

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