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Spitting Stitch - Do I Have An Infection?

My Scar Round my Nipple Has a Hole with a Plastic Stitch Coming from It Its Weeping and There is Bits of Blood Coming from It. im 2 and half months... READ MORE

Areola Necrosis After Breast Augmentation

I had a periareolar breast augmentation with 375 cc implants. My size was a cup A. After the surgery I have had terrible pain for 20 days and tissue... READ MORE

1 Day PO- Does A Black Nipple Mean Necrosis Following Mastopexy/Augmentation?

I just had a breast mastopexy and augmentation yesterday. Today I notice that the left nipple turned black but the areola is still pinkish. My doctor... READ MORE

Areolar Necrosis After Tubular Breast Correction, Breast Lifting and Breast Augmentation

10 days ago (02/05/11) I had a breast lift with augmentation, after 3 days post op, noticed blood in one of my breast, now I have a very dark skin in... READ MORE

Very scary looking holes under my boobs. Does it look like necrosis? (Photo)

Hi doctors!! Pls help me , I had my surg 3weeks ago,after about2 I noticed holes under my boobs one Is bigger on my left breast and the other is... READ MORE

How long does it take for a seroma to heal and what are my options?

I've had to have surgury twice now. I went for a lift and implants and after my first surgery my right breast had slight narcosis of the nipple and my... READ MORE

What is Making the Tissue on my Right Breast Turn Black? (photo)

I recently had a breast augmentation and made a large jump from 300ccs to 875ccs. Two weeks after my surgery I developed a discolored area underneath... READ MORE

Is this necrosis, stitch abscess, or wound dehiscence? (photos)

Does this look like necrosis, stitch abscess, or wound dehiscence? I am worried something is wrong. I am 4 weeks post op. At my 2 week checkup, PS... READ MORE

Pseudomonas and Necrosis After Breast Lift and Implant, Is there Anything That Can be Done? (photo)

Lift and Implant procedure. Nipple became black and began rotting. Skin became neucrotic leaving a large open wound on the nipple. Doctor states is is... READ MORE

Necrosis Started Right After Surgery, Is This Normal?

It's been 7 months & skin on the bottom of aereola is very thin, was peeling. Gets better? I had a facelift at the same time. Sides of my face... READ MORE

My breast augmentation incision is not healed at 6 weeks. What is causing this? (photo)

I have had my left implant removed do to necrosis. I have had 6 cultures all came back negative but I was on antibiotics when I took them and I am... READ MORE

Unexpected necrosis of nipple from 04/04 How long does this take to heal and how is it repaired? (Photo)

I advised dr my nipple was dark looking while in hospital post OP and he advised it was no big deal. The next day it was completely black and my... READ MORE

Do I have nipple necrosis 5 days after op? (photos)

Was a little worried its been five days since my breast lift and the right breast seems a purple black colour were as the left seems perfectly fine.... READ MORE

Breast augmentation 2 days ago: Worried about my incisions & have "necrosis" on the mind (Photo)

My concern is that: from what I can see by using a mirror, one of my incision lines looks much darker than the other. I can't get a close look, but I... READ MORE

I would like to know the wound on my breast scar is from a blister or necrosis? (photos)

I had a breast lift with implant on last Monday. Before I left, my ps said it looks like a blister was forming. A day later the incision at the bottom... READ MORE

Will my Necrosis Heal Without Having Surgery? (photo)

I went from 300ccs to 875ccs and I suppose my skin stretched too much, it's hard to say. My PS believes that the pink tissue around the edges will... READ MORE

What are the white spots in open wound due to necrosis after breast lift/augmentation? (Photo)

I see my doctor regularly, but I forgot to ask at my last appointment -- what are the non-red white spots in the wound? Is this an indication of... READ MORE

10 days postop and I had a breastlift with implants, 415 cc. Do I have nipple necrosis? (Photo)

Hello realself, 10 days postop and I had a breastlift with implants, 415 cc. I did have a breastlift 5 years ago, but since I was only 15 at that time... READ MORE

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