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Now AA Cup, Will a 325cc Give Me a FULL B?

I'm currently a AA super small and want a Full B cup. Today I went to try out different sizes. I chose the 325...will that give me. Full b cup bra... READ MORE

What Is The Best Option for my Small 36AA Tuberous Breasts-Implants or Fat Grafting/transfer? (photo)

I have extremely small tuberous breasts and have been wanting to get implants for years but i heard i might get a double bubble. I live in el paso, tx... READ MORE

Breast Implants in Someone with Von Willebrands?

I’m 20 years old & want to get breast implants. I am about an AA now and want to be a full B. I have Von Willebrands type I. I have 2... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op and i would like to know if they will ever feel natural? (photo)

I had my surgery on august and im 3 months op from 34A or even AA to full 34 B( at least right now) and ive been massaging them and doing everything i... READ MORE

I'm 4'11, 92lbs, 12 BWD. Is 210 Cc Moderate Enough to Achieve a Full B Cup from an AA Cup?

I want to look as natural as possible. My PS recommended 210-240 cc moderate round silicone. Should I go with 240 cc instead of 210? READ MORE

Help choosing type of breast implant and size? (photos)

I am 27, weigh 107 pounds and have a small frame. Currently I am a 32 aa (if that). I'd like to be a B cup. Looking natural is very important to me... READ MORE

My boobs post-op are not round and have bights. (photos)

Hi everyone, I am 23. Height: 160cm. Weight: 40kg. Pre-op, I was 32AA. Underbreast: 70cm. Post-op, I am about 32 full B, I guess. I have 275cc... READ MORE

Can tall, active and fit woman with broad shoulders achieve modest 34B based on current size of 34AA or possible 34AAA? (Photo)

I'm tired of padding everything - I have nothing on top - no volume just nipples and even they're deflated! I'm 5'10" and weigh 143 pounds! I am an... READ MORE

Will they round out more and settle into the lower pole?? (photos)

I'm 11 days post op with 475cc mentor memory gel under the muscle, crease incision... I went from a 34AA to what seems to be a 34B... I'm worried the... READ MORE

Doctor was pushing for 265cc & I'm worried they're too big. Any suggestions?

I had a consultation with my surgeon for my BA op and told him I wanted to aim for a natural looking full B /small C cup. I'm 47kg and 159cm tall,... READ MORE

Is this the right size? (photos)

I'm 5'3, 115lbs, size 32 AA. My diamteer was 12cm, and I chose 385cc high profile implants with a 12.5 diamter i think. I thought this would give me... READ MORE

Which type of breast augmentation should I get? (photos)

I am vaguely aware of the types of breast augmentations and want to find out which type of surgery would be most beneficial to me. I am currently AA-A... READ MORE

What are my options for a natural look with a BWD of 10.2 and 10.6? (photos)

5'1" 110 lbs breastfeed deflated AA Goal: full B, small C Concern: Natural look READ MORE

I'm 46, 5'8" 125 lbs. BWD 12 cm. Will a textured round work for me? Not liking the "natural slope" of the anatomicals (Photo)

I'm a deflated AA cup looking to fill an A to a small B cup. I've got very little breast tissue. Looking for a natural appearance with a very small... READ MORE

How many ccs would I need to go from AA to full B cup?

I'm currently a 34AA, 5'5/5'6 tall, 132 pounds, and would like to be a full B. I've looked through tons of before and after photos, watched surgery... READ MORE

25 Years Old / 5'3 / 115lbs / AA Boobs - What would give the most natural result? (photos)

I currently have fairly non-existant AA boobs, hoping to increase to a full B or small C with silicone implants. I'm currently 5'3 and 115lbs. Just... READ MORE

Why are both breasts not symmetrical, and could my surgeon had made me bigger from a 32AA? (photos)

I had very little breast tissue and wanted to be a C cup, my surgeon told me because of my frame and for safety precautions that I could only go up to... READ MORE

4 weeks post-op, still firm, experience sharp pain (doesn't last long) 5 times a day. Mainly on the bottom. Is the normal? (phot

4 weeks post-op, pre op I was 36AA, no sagging, I am 5'7 158lbs, LG frame. I have had 3 kids, the biggest I got was small B. I got 700 cc HP saline. I... READ MORE

Will 260-300cc achieve full B, small C?

I'm 5'8, 58kg, slim build and quite athletic. I have very little breast tissue and currently wear a 34AA and my BWD is 12. I want a natural look... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old, 115lbs & about 5'4''. Since I was 12 I've been an AA cup. What should I do?

I'm 21 years old, 115 lbs and about 5' 4''. Since I was 12 I've been AA cup which is so damaging to my self esteem because it makes my body... READ MORE

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