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Brazillian Butt Lift for Thin Girl- Will It Work?

I'm not looking for a huge or even big butt. I'm 21% fat 5ft3in. I don't have much extra fat but I really don't want implants I... READ MORE

Is fluffing a myth? (photos)

I had a bbl done 34 days ago. I loved the initial results but knew they wouldn't stay. Over the last two days I lost a lot of volume. I read about the... READ MORE

Had Bbl 2 Weeks Ago and Feel Like Im Losing Volume Already?

Hi, i had my bbl 2 weeks ago and for some reason i feel like im losing volume already, i got 1500 cc in each cheek, i know is probably the swelling is... READ MORE

Can More Fat Be Reabsorbed Even After One Year?

Hi I am thinking about getting a BBL done but recently became very concerned about the fat that is reabsorbed, I understand that some of it will. But... READ MORE

If I do squats after 3 weeks of a BBL, will I lose buttocks fat/volume? (Photo)

I just had a bbl (750ccs) 3 weeks ago but am not very happy with my results as of now all my volume is almost gone and my buttocks is starting to look... READ MORE

BBL in July 2012; Will I Lose More Volume?

I had my BBL in July and I was 45 in at my three month mark now I went down to 44 inches. The fat was injected under the muscle and I'm scared I will... READ MORE

If You Lose Volume After a Bbl, will Your Butt Be Uneven?

So i understand that u can lose volume...but will the results be uneven or is this prevented? READ MORE

Size after recovery of a bbl? (photo)

I am one week post op of my bbl. I am beyond happy with my results.. its better than i would of ever imagined! However my butt is really hard so im... READ MORE

Can Any Doctor Tell Me How Should a Patient Sleep the First Night Immediately After a BBL Operation?

Can any Doctor tell me how should a patient sleep the first night immediately after a BBL operation? The doctor put me on my back, with some towels... READ MORE

I Am a Weight Loss Patient, Lost over 100(lbs) with Laproscopic LapBand. Is BBL a Good Procedure for Volume Replacement? (photo)

I lost a great deal of weight with the laproscopic lap-band- I am indeed healthier however my body is like 'a melted candle'. My skin is flaccid and... READ MORE

Around Witch Period of Time Do You Lose the Most Volume Bbl?

Its been almost 5 weeks sense my bbl when do you lose the most volume first few weeks or right before your 6 week mark or later? READ MORE

I've lost volume after Brazilian Butt Lift through exercise, what can I do to get my butt to look like it did before?

It has been almost two years after my BBL surgery. I recently (3 months ago) started to work out. I noticed that I have lost volume in my butt along... READ MORE

BBL- experienced doctors say that after 4-6 weeks of a bbl procedure whatever is left will stay. THAT DIDN'T happened to me.

I had bbl done with one of the best doctors and was 100% satisfied with my results. After 6 months I lost about 5 pounds in one week and all the fat... READ MORE

Lost of volume after a year?

I HEAR YOU CAN LOSE ABOUT 30 TO 50% of volume after a BBL how true is that? and is there anything that can be done besides sitting a lot to help... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Loose Volume and then Gain It Back?

I've read many reviews where women post the measurement and the measurements fluctuate around the 2-5 week. Why is that? some loose volume and gain it... READ MORE

I've lost all the volume from by buttocks after various procedures. Do I need a traditional BBL for good results? (Photo)

I had tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, lipo and fat gtafting to my buttocks 4 months ago and have lost all volumeto my buttocks...its... READ MORE

Will a touch up procedure (round 2 BBL) enhance my results? (Photo)

Attached is a pic showing my results at 1-month post and 2-months post BBL. I LOVE my 1-month results, but my 2-month results look almost like my... READ MORE

20yo Female. If I'm 5'2 115lbs now and gain about 130lbs before my surgery, will I lose a lot of volume in my butt?

I was wondering if by me being 5'2 115lbs now and probably gain about 130lbs before my surgery will I lose a lot of volume in my butt? Will it be... READ MORE

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