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Midline Discrepancy?

Hello, I had removed upper/right 2nd premolar for braces. After 18 months my teeth are straight but my midline is shifted to the right, about 3 or 4... READ MORE

How difficult would it be to fix my shifted midline? (Photo)

I had braces as a kid and they pulled a lot of teeth - I have 7 teeth on the top to the left of my midline, 6 on the right, so my midline is pretty... READ MORE

My Midline Asymmetry is Off? (photo)

I got my braces removed a few months ago, and before they were removed I noticed that my two top teeth were about 1.5mm to the left and not aligned... READ MORE

My chin is off-center (goes to the left side). Do I need surgery, or would braces fix it? (Photo)

I think i have a side bite. Do i need surgery or can this be fixed with braces? READ MORE

Options to Fix off Centered Teeth?

I got my braces off 4 years ago and have noticed that my entire set of upper teeth have shifted to left about 2mm. It isn't really noticeable, but I... READ MORE

Midline is the tiniest bit off. Should I worry about this?

Alright here's the scoop, I've had braces for 1.5 years. I just got corrective jaw surgery 1 month ago because I had an overgrowth on the left side of... READ MORE

My teeth are off-centered, can I fix this problem with Braces or is there a better method? (photos)

Last year I got braces and my orthodontist only used rubber bands on one side of my teeth (I guess to fix my bite). After that, my upper teeth seems... READ MORE

Nearing the end of my Braces Treatment but I'm not 100% happy. Do I have further treatment options? (photos)

I am nearing the end of my braces treatment. My teeth have improved a lot, but honestly, I am still not 100% happy with the result. I am worried about... READ MORE

My top and lower midline are off. Is there anyway to fix them without affecting my bite? (photos)

1st Ortho Dr - Right top canine extracted, got braces, my teeth shifted to the right. 2nd Dr - Left top canine extracted & got braces to fix my smile.... READ MORE

My teeth gets more off centered and ugly after brace, what can I do to fix it? (photos)

I started to wear braces almost three years ago and it's the biggest mistake in my life. One of my lower teeth start to grow when there are no room... READ MORE

Will braces fix my shifted teeth? It also looks like my teeth are on a slope. Can this be fixed as well? (Photo)

I've had braces for a couple months now and I've noticed that my teeth aren't centered with the rest of my face. When I get rubberbands would that... READ MORE

Off-centered Teeth. Any suggestions? (photo)

Im planning on getting braces this year to straighten my teeth and I was wondering if my front teeth can be fixed as well. READ MORE

How to align my incisor to be at the center? Can the gap be filled with the 3rd molar? (Photo)

I hve a butterfly teeth (inscisor) Had these braces for 4 yrs alrdy & i noticd that my incisors arent in center. Also my 2nd molar ws extractd yrs... READ MORE

I wore Braces for a year to fix an overbite and now they are off. My bottom teeth are now off centered. WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS?

I informed my doctor about it and he said he cant fix it. i have a tooth missing so maybe they shifted to one side and are now off centered. it has... READ MORE

Missing central incisor/off centered teeth, what can you suggest for my case? (photos)

Hi im missing my central incisor. I havent got this since i was 10years old. And it appears that my teeth are off centered because of the missing... READ MORE

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