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Is There Any Way to Make Botox Wear off Faster?

I am not liking my result. If I try to move my muscles a lot, will it cause the Botox to wear off faster? READ MORE

What Happens After Botox Cosmetic Wears Off?

One of my girlfriends told me she heard that Botox Cosmetic can actually make your wrinkles look worse after the Botox injections wear off.  Is... READ MORE

When Botox Begins to Wear Off, How Quickly Does It Dissapate?

In other words does it suddenly wear off in a few days or does it gently ease away over many weeks? Can crow's feet be gone one day and back in full... READ MORE

Once You Get Botox, Will It Make Your Wrinkles Worse if You Don't Keep Going Once It Wears Off?

Considering getting Botox and a little filler for under eye creasing when smiling. I don't have resting wrinkles yet, but am told getting Botox before... READ MORE

How Long Before Botox Completely Wears Off?

How long does it take for Botox to completely wear off? I had Botox injected almost 5 months ago, and I can tell that it is still not out of my face... READ MORE

What Facial Treatments That Can Damage/easily Wear off Botox Effects?

I own a portable bipolar radio frequency machine. I use it a lot on my face. will frequent treatments damage or easily wear off botox effects? what... READ MORE

My Botox keeps wearing off after 5 weeks. What could cause this?

I have had botox 2 times the first time 20 units and it wore off I want back for a touch up but it didn't last. The 2nd time I had 40 units and I saw... READ MORE

Do antibiotics fight off Botox?

I had Botox and then got the flu 4 days later and was given antibiotics 3 days after getting the flu. Yesterday my forehead was nice and smooth and... READ MORE

I Seem to Get Eye Aches and Headaches when the Botox in my Forehead and Eye Area Wears Off, Normal?

I have had botox 3 times, it was great as it made me stop squinting and furrowing my brow, the last time, about a month ago, only lasted a very short... READ MORE

How Long After a "Botox Brow Lift" Does It Take Corrugator Muscles to Regain Full Strength?

I've been told 3 to 4 months for Botox to wear off, in some cases less time than that. However I was wondering what to expect during that time... READ MORE

Does Exercising Within 4 Days of Botox Make It Wear off Faster?

The doctor who administered Botox to my glabella told me not to raise my heart rate for 4 DAYS following the injection -- no yard work, no working... READ MORE

Botox Not Working for 11s After 10-14 Days? (photo)

Had Botox 13 days ago, pic is from day 10, I feel like there is barely a difference. Im not expecting etched lines to be gone, however , I would like... READ MORE

Botox in Legs for Parkinsons - Can't Walk - How Long to Wear Off?

I have had botox in legs for Parkinsons every 4 months or so months, for the past couple of years. Some months ago my legs failed me and I slowly... READ MORE

Will my Natural Eyebrow Arch Return Once the Botox Droop Wears Off?

I have, or had, beautiful naturally-arching eyebrows. I had Botox injected for the first time last week by a board-certified dermatologist for my... READ MORE

Any Way To Speed Up Absorption of Botox and Restalyne?

I had Botox and Restalyn. I have more wrinkles in much worse places and can't wait for this to wear off. How can I speed up the lessening effect... READ MORE

I Have the Drooping Eyelids After Botox and my Doctor Prescribed a Medrol Doe Pack- Is This a Good Choice?

I went back to him and he acted like he has never seen this before. Now I am afraid to take amything he has prescribed because he obviously should... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Droopy Eye Lids Right After Botox Wears Off?

I had botox injections between my eye brows, forehead and just above my eyebrows about 4 months ago. After a few trials to correct the shape/arch of... READ MORE

Will chewing gum/jaw exercises help wear off masseter botox?

I've had three botox treatments to my masseters within 6 months, on advice from my Dr. However my masseters have diminished to the point that my cheek... READ MORE

When Does Jaw/masseter Botox Wear Off?

I got botox in my masseter muscle in the beginning of Aug. 2012, at age 23, almost 9 months ago. Since then, I've hated how my facial structure has... READ MORE

Why Did I Feel As if Cold Liquid Dripped on my Cheek when I Was Injected with Botox for Crows Feet?

When I was injected with botox for crows feet I felt as if the botox leaked onto my face and was cold. I now think the botox was injected into a nerve... READ MORE

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