Watery Eyes + Botox

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Watery Eye a Side Effect of Botox?

I had botox injected into the inner corner of my eye for muscle spasm. Now it keeps tearing up. how long does this last READ MORE

Will Botox Under the Eye Help with Watering of the Eyes?

My right eye waters excessively and no cause or cure from DRs. I have heard that botox helps with stopping eyes that water, Is this true? READ MORE

New Injector but Same Result - Left Eye Started Watering After Botox Day 1, Any Way to Get It to Stop?

From previous responses when this occured to me the 1st time, botox may have leaked to the lower left eye area & now the tears are flowing out vs.... READ MORE

My eyes are watery, swollen, teary. Feels like sand 3 weeks after Botox What do you think ?

I went to a Dr I did not think it was botox but then started reading about other women's side effects I was prescribed tobramycin and dexamethasone... READ MORE

Severe left eye ptosis after Botox 7 days ago to raise my eyebrows. Can it be fixed? (Photos)

I had 20 units botox 7 days ago. on 4th day my left brow drooped over my eye. right brow not as severe which made my brows asymmetrical. left eye is... READ MORE

Tearing eye 11 days post Botox?

I had Botox injection 11 days ago for a brow lift. I haven't noticed really any changes other than it's a little more difficult to make a frown... READ MORE

Information on Botox to alleviate watery eye? Jennifer

Hi. I had a dcr due to excessive watery eye, firstly up the nose, which was unsuccessful, and then a second op through the side of my nose. I still... READ MORE

Had botox administered and having a lot of pressure on left side of face. Is this normal?

Hi, I had botox first time two days ago. I feel a lot of pressure in my left side of my face. Even my left nasal passage is partially blocked. Also,... READ MORE

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