Volume Loss + Botox

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Loss of Volume in a Short Period of Time? (photo)

I lost a lot of facial volume over very short period of time (less than a year). I did not loose any weight! I believe it has something to do with... READ MORE

If I schedule a consultation am I able to get injections the same day?

I would like to get fuller for my face and Botox. I have some acne scars as well as fine lines. I have also lost volume in cheek area. During the... READ MORE

Does Botox cause cheek ptosis and volume loss?

A doctor responded "You could have volume loss from Botox but I think the more important consideration is that you do not seem to be pleased with what... READ MORE

How can I correct the drop in my face? (photo)

Hi there, I'm really hoping that someone can help me. I'm a 34yr old female who's face over the past two years has lost volume - including my lips and... READ MORE

Is volume loss after Botox caused by immobilized muscles or the fat being destroyed?

I have noticeable volume loss in my face after Botox. I had injections at top of frontalis, the 11's area and the crows feet, 10 weeks ago. It... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause a Loss of Volume?

I saw photos of a woman with dramatic loss of volume to her temples that she says were caused by the Botox. Have any of you doctors seen this adverse... READ MORE

Volume loss after long term use of botox around upper cheek area. Can I regain?

I've had botox for 12yrs in my forehead & since 30,crows feet with a tiny amount under my lower eye lids.Today I saw one of the UK's top non... READ MORE

Do I really need 60 units of botox & 7 syringes of filler age 32? I want to fix sunken eyes, tear trough & bigger lip. (Photos)

Went in for botox and tear trough consult. Was told 60 units of botox "to start" Was told I needed 2 syringes of filler in my cheeks in order to do... READ MORE

Does mesobotox give you a lift?

I saw a doctor in the Philippines to discuss some facial volume loss. I've have some fillers now, but the results are not exactly what I wanted mainly... READ MORE

1 year post op Botox, my lips turn downward. What is the problem? (photos)

Pls reference my photos. Rec. so far have been mid face lift, fillers n laser treatment or corner lipLift. Lips were never dwnward just until last yr... READ MORE

Can Botox injected under the eyes cause flatness/push down/immobility of movement in the upper mid-cheek area?

Botox injected for the first time 1.5 wks ago, including under the eyes. I had slight hollowing & loss of volume in the mid-cheek area (had asked... READ MORE

Wrinkles loose fat around mouth 28 years old. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have recently noticed signs of aging around my mouth. My skin is still tight everywhere else and no signs of wrinkling. I do not smoke. I did lose... READ MORE

Does botox prevent future volume loss?

I know that botox prevents creasing of the skin and thereby also prevents wrinkles from forming. But does less creasing and wrinkles also prevent... READ MORE

Volume loss after Botox brow lift?

On 6 Jan 2016 the doctor injected botox all over the forehead and cheek area. Forehead was frozen and I couldn't raise my brows. I have an indentation... READ MORE

Would lip injections work for a non-surgical lip lift? (Photos)

Had Restylane Silk about 5 months ago in and around lips to fill wrinkles and add volume and was hoping for a bit of an upper lip "lift". Now volume... READ MORE

Botox muscle atrophy: loss of muscle volume (NOT function, specifically volume) due to prolonged Botox use?

Doctors highly recommend Botox because muscle atrophy is only temporary. BUT nobody seems to commend on loss of volume that is especially evident with... READ MORE

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