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Side Effects After Botox in Forehead - Are They Permanent?

I had some bruising near my temples which came and went. But at the one injection site, I have a mark left....comparable to the look and size of a... READ MORE

Can Temporalis Muscle Wasting from Botox Be Reversed? (photo)

I had a 4th tx with Botox injections for migraine 7 weeks ago. It was ineffective for MHA. I had temporary weakness when chewing. Then noticed gradual... READ MORE

Can I Reduce the Top of my Head and my Jaws? Has Been Swollen My Whole Life.

The two top sides of my head, above my ears and beside my forehead have always been swollen out as long as i can remember. i have noticed an increase... READ MORE

Is Hourglass Deformity (Hollowing in the Temples) Seen in Cosmetic Use or Only Migraine Treatment?

A RealSelfer shared "after doing some online research I have discovered that "Hourglass deformity" - a caving in of the temples due to muscle loss -... READ MORE

Does Botox cause cheek ptosis and volume loss?

A doctor responded "You could have volume loss from Botox but I think the more important consideration is that you do not seem to be pleased with what... READ MORE

Botox and Fillers Waste of Money?

Had botox for my forehead and fillers on my temples and lips ,it's been 4 weeks now the lips fillers wore off, botox on the forehead did nothing ,... READ MORE

Botox caused veins in forehead, temples and 2 large dark blue veins that run from sides of eyes down entire face.Any suggestion?

Got it 1 mth ago, veins showed 2 weeks after injections. read this exact same prob from other Botox consumer. Yes it is a reputable doctor. Yes I have... READ MORE

Botox effects after 10 years? (Photo)

I have been getting botox for over 10 years on my forehead. It now looks thin and crepe like.I have not hadit done for over 6 months to see improve... READ MORE

Botox in temples?

Hi - if I get Botox injected in the temple region, will it help pull the outer corner of my eyes out and/or up? READ MORE

Can Botox thin my temples?

My cheek and temple area are wide and 'thick' after a facelift 12 years ago...the muscle/area bulge. I've read the masseter will shrink w/botox. Can I... READ MORE

Will Botox be able to reduce the width of my head? It's definitely the temporalis muscle that is causing this... (photo)

I've been told botox to my temporal muscle will reduce the muscle. If i pull the skin up tight above my head the shape goes normal so it's definitely... READ MORE

Can TENS on Temple Area Affect Botox in Temple Hairline for TMJ?

I received Botox for TMD (TMJ) one in lower jaw and two just past the temple area into the hairline. I am currently using a Fisher Wallace Stimulator... READ MORE

Will Botox or something similar remove a unsightly artery vein above the temple on my forehead? (Photo)

I have a pulsating vein above the temple on my forehead. Would Botox fix this problem? Is there any way of getting thicker skin, would that solve the... READ MORE

I had Botox in glabella, scowl lines, and lateral brow. Dent near lateral brow next morning. Is it pressure from icing? 18 units

Botox yesterday & notice dent in my temple next to outer brow this morning. Didn't touch it for two hours. Sat up for hours, working at computer. Iced... READ MORE

My face looks older and more droopy after fillers and botox treatment that was received two weeks ago. (photos)

Botox was injected to the jaw area and Voluma to my cheeks near temples i have done fillers before and this is the first time I am so unhappy with the... READ MORE

Can a Botox injection in the forehead cause swollen temples?

About d 5 days ago I got Botox injected into my forehead. 12 pieces of Botox just across the top of my forehead and now my temples are swollen But my... READ MORE

Can Botox make your temples more narrow and make the temple bones smaller?

I'm a female and I have a wide forehead and temples and I know there's alternatives like hairs transplant and hairline lowering. However, can I use... READ MORE

Can the hollowing of temples go away once discontinuing Botox?

Can the hollowing of temples go away once discontinuing Botox or Will this be a permanent deformation? I receive Botox for migraines READ MORE

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