Sunken Eyes + Botox

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I Had Jaw Reduction Botox 2 and a Half Months Ago but Now my Jaw is the Same and my Cheeks Have Really Sunken In. What Happened?

I had botox for jaw reduction 2 and a half moths ago. I really hate the results. The jaw is the same but my cheeks have sunken in and I feel that the... READ MORE

Droopy, Saggy, Swollen Eyelids from Botox Still Present 1 Month Post Injection- is This Permanent? (photo)

I am one month post botox injections (21 units between forehead/gabella) and still have severely swollen eyelids. I have NOT improved at all in nearly... READ MORE

Sunken, Heavy Eyes and Uneven Eyebrow Arch After Botox in Glabella

Hi, After Having Botox in Forehead I Developed a Lump Above Eyebrow, I went back to injector who suggested having glabella area treated. Two days... READ MORE

Loss of Volume in a Short Period of Time? (photo)

I lost a lot of facial volume over very short period of time (less than a year). I did not loose any weight! I believe it has something to do with... READ MORE

Horrific Permanent Botox Damage (Swollen,sunken Eyes,w/ Bags)-what Surgey Will Be Needed 2 Correct? (photo)

4+ MONTHS ago I had botox @ a registered provider.4 days later, my eyes were swollen w/ huge bags under.I have NOT improved & can verify... READ MORE

Botox Has Left Me with Veins All over my Face?

Hi, can somebody please help me. I had botox 15 weeks go. I hated the result. It left me with cheek ptosis, sunken in/hollow eyes (which are still... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes Treatment? (photo)

What treatment is best for the whole eye contour like this? I'm only 20 and these eyes are making me look 30+ I don't want botox disasters at this age... READ MORE

Is it possible for Botox to make your eyes look sunken in?

I got Botox 3 months and 3 weeks ago for the first time. My eye lid skin is looser (I can actually see it move very slightly back in place after I... READ MORE

I had Botox and fillers done 4 days ago and my eyes look sunken and small. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had fillers and Botox done 4 days ago. I'm concerned about the puffyness around the eyes, my eyes look sunken and small. I look like a monkey :( READ MORE

What can I do about the hallow look under my eyes? (photos)

I'm 21 and the skin under my eyes is very thin. My eyes appear to be sunken in. I have bags under my eyes also, only in the inner corners though. If I... READ MORE

I'm ready for a facial overhaul. Now what to do about my eyes? (Photo)

I'm only 24 and take care of myself but I have crows feet and sunken in eyes. I'm considering botox for crows feet. I don't really want to start using... READ MORE

Do I really need 60 units of botox & 7 syringes of filler age 32? I want to fix sunken eyes, tear trough & bigger lip. (Photos)

Went in for botox and tear trough consult. Was told 60 units of botox "to start" Was told I needed 2 syringes of filler in my cheeks in order to do... READ MORE

Sunken eyes after Botox. What is going on here?

Hi I am almost ten months out since my first and last botox treatment to forehead and between brows that caused my brows to droop. 32 units. Now that... READ MORE

Will Botox help for under eye lines and sunk in look on the eyes? (Photo)

My eyes always appear tired looking. Lines under the eye with a little sag. They also has this sunk in look with a little bite of darkness under the eye. READ MORE

I've read that Botox sometimes doesn't wear off...HELP. Will it? I had completely terrible results

It was injected in my elevens and in my forehead. My nose appears much broader, eyes sunken and tired looking, brows too arches, inner lids too low...... READ MORE

Is it true the more you have Botox injected the longer it stays? Can the results ever be permanent? I'm 30 years old next month.

I've been having botox every 3months for nearly 2yrs. The last 2times I had it done it has given me an adverse reaction. My eyes have sunken into my... READ MORE

Is it possible to get Botox or fat transfer for sunken dark eyes? (photos)

I'm 21 and I have lupus. Since my diagnosis last year my body has gone through a lot of changes regarding appreance. I have noticed however since the... READ MORE

I got Botox 2 months ago. Noticed my cheeks drooped and shape of eyes changed (smaller/sunk in/dark circles) Will this go away?

I've been going to the same injector for 3 years- a highly reputable board certified cosmetic dermatologist. I've always loved the results. I went... READ MORE

Need advise should I get survey are fillers? (photos)

I gained a lot of wait then lost wait and now face is hollow and eyes sunk in treys Botox did good for wrinkles but eyes still look tired and hollow... READ MORE

What can I do about the sunken look and prominent wrinkle under my eyes when I smile? (Photo)

I'm 24 years old and have recently noticed that when I smile, the area under my eyes looks sunken in and there is a prominent line under each eye.... READ MORE

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