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Developed a Rash Soon After Botox - What is the Cure?

I had many botox injections before, but this one made me itch all over, mainly hands, wrists, back of my neck and legs. I also get red burning spots... READ MORE

Itchy Rash After Botox

I Got an Itchy Rash After Botox , It Has Been 6wks and It's Still Not Gone, How Long Will It Last? READ MORE

Did Botox Give Me an Itchy Rash on Forehead and Sides of Nose for over 6 Months?

I had botox (4th time in 4 years) in Aril for a slight brow lift, frown lines and crows feet. A few weeks after I developed an itchy rash of small... READ MORE

I Am Having Severe Swelling, Itchy Rash on Face, Arms, Chest and Flu Like Symptoms After Botox. Is This an Allergic Reaction?

I am having severe swelling, itchy acute rash on face, arms, chest and flu-like symptoms after Botox. I have been having Botox for many years. I have... READ MORE

Allergy to Botox?

I received Botox 3 weeks ago and My Doctor did a touch up after 17 days. I had hives and rashes immediately on areas that she injected Botox for touch... READ MORE

After getting Botox on my forehead, I developed a hive -like rash on my chest and back. Is this normal?

I have sensitive skin and am allergic to some perfumes and dyes but this is the first time that this has happened with Botox. I can't think of... READ MORE

Reaction to Botox Delayed?

This is the second time for botox after a month I have a rash all over my body, my fingers are stiff, my feet are stiff. I am using Benadryl for the... READ MORE

1 Week Later I Still Have a Rash from What I Believe is from Botox 9 Hours After Injection?

I have never had skin issues and I didnt use any new products within the 9 hours of receiving the injections. Im scared that its going to travel... READ MORE

Itchy Rash 9 Hours After Botox?

I still have it and I keep getting a few hives that come and go. My doctor put me on prednisone and benedryl - still no relief. I did not use any... READ MORE

How long will this burn/rash last? (photo)

I had Botox yesterday. No anesthetics. Within an hour I had a burn like rash that is raised and painfulI've never heard of this type of reaction. Any... READ MORE

I had injections on my forehead, crows feet, cheek area and broke out resulting in a chickenpox type rash? (photo)

I had no numbing cream in the day. I didn't apply any products for 24 hours after. I did on the second day use a priori brightning cream which did... READ MORE

I had Boxtox injected 6 days ago and now I have a rash on my legs and arms. Could it be related to the Botox?

Hi I had botox 6 weeks ago now and noticed 2 days ago I have a rash.  I have a few red blotchy bits on my legs and arms.  I also have a... READ MORE

Rash after leads on forehead from EEG/ BOTOX. What can I put on it?

I had ask if EEG 6 days post botox could mess with my results and you Doctors were wonderful at making me feel better. Now I ask another question.... READ MORE

Small itchy rash/bumps on eyebrow after Botox injection. Any suggestions?

I have had botox for the first time it went very well and I am pleased with it but on one of the injection sites by my eyebrow I have a little rash... READ MORE

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