Pimples + Botox

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Had Botox Now Have Little Pimples All over my Forehead and Between my Brows?

Finally broke down and had Botox. Two weeks later little pimples ALL over my forehead. Even my husband said what's up. Never had an acne issue as... READ MORE

Popped Pimple Near Botox Injection Site?

About half an hour after receiving Botox injections on my "11s" (24 units), I absentmindedly popped a pimple on my forehead. It was above my injection... READ MORE

Will Added Pressure To Pop A Pimple In Same Area as Botox Affect Results?

I recently got botox between my eyebrows and the next day I had a pimple. I completely forgot I had botox injected and added a lot of pressure to pop... READ MORE

How did my botox stop working after popping what I thought was a pimple? All the muscles that didn't work now do. (photo)

This is going to sound crazy. I got botox yesterday morning. None of the injections hurt except one by my temple. Later I developed a pimple there.... READ MORE

Botox or fillers for horizontal line between eyebrows? (photos)

I'm almost thirty and I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and my face has some loose skin now. it doesn't bother me too much except I have this... READ MORE

I have had Botox in forehead and got pimples (small cysts w whiteheads) at the injection sites. Not a rash. Why?

I have seen other posts similar and almost all doctors say it's unrelated to Botox, but it has to be for me. I'm 50, I don't get acne. I have only... READ MORE

After 1 month after Botox Injection, pimple forms at injection site?

I noticed for the past few years that after I have Botox injections that at the exact site, a small puss filled pimple appears about 1 month after. I... READ MORE

Why does Botox cause small whiteheads at sites 2- 4 wk post injection, including at the base of the skull?

Not a cleanser reaction. clearly in the shot pattern. I have had Botox injections for years , and will not stop because of this. I always get them,... READ MORE

I got Botox injections yesterday and today I have a red pimple looking bump on my forehead. Any suggestions?

I thought it was a zit so I picked it, bad idea.. Now I think it may have been a injection site from yesterday's Botox. I had Botox injected to raise... READ MORE

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