Nerve Damage + Botox

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Nerve Damage from Injection?

During a recent Botox injection, I experienced an unusual, searing pain that radiated from the injection site in my forehead straight back in a... READ MORE

Can Botox Permanently Damage Your Actual Eye Muscles and Optical Nerves?

About six weeks ago I got a full forehead injection of Botox as well as injections for my crow’s feet. Since then I have had incredible eye... READ MORE

Will Botox Help Nerve Damage from Bell's Palsy After 9 Years?

I have some nerve damage from Bell's Palsy. My left eye is squinty, nerve twitching by my nose, and my cheek is tight.It sounds like Botox may help.I... READ MORE

Several Negative Reactions from Botox Procedures

I'm seven months post-Botox in forehead after a bad experience with a previous Botox procedure, and I haven't seen a return to normal muscle function... READ MORE

Will Botox Help Nerve Damage in Face from Shingles?

I've had nerve damage and PAIN for three years from shingles in left side of face. Would Botox help the pain ? READ MORE

Connection Between Botox and MND

Can Botox trigger Motor Neurone Disease (MND)? In both Botox and MND, the signals are not reaching the muscles. Does Botox work the same way that a... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Left Cheek to Treat Chronic Pain for Trigeminal Neuralgia - I Now Have an Uneven Smile – Nerve Damage? (photo)

I had the Botox (quite alot of injections) almost 2 months ago and im not noticing much of an improvement - My GP thinks the dr that did my botox may... READ MORE

Botox Injection Hit a Nerve? (photo)

I had a injection on the lateral edge of my forehead along my hairline felt like it hit a nerve. I had an immediate burning/electrical pain sensation... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Permanent Facial Nerve Damage?

I have been suffering from horrific pain in my face for 18 months. I never had anything like it before. So what happened 18 months ago that could have... READ MORE

Botox - Cause Dry Eye Syndrome? Optic Nerve Damage? Macular Degeneration? (photo)

I have had botox injuctions all over my forehead, and between my eyebrows once a year for five years. I now have dry eye syndrome, macular... READ MORE

Can Any of the Botox Get into my Bloodstream and Cause Harm to my Nerves That I May Not Know About?

More and more articles appear that have been written by scientists and medical doctors which claim the toxin spreads throughout the body causing nerve... READ MORE

Has anybody heard of Botox causing permanent nerve damage?

I had Botox injections in my forehead over a year ago for a frown mark.  I had a severe heavy head immediately afterwards and this never... READ MORE

Why is my Smile Still Crooked One Year After Botox for Jawline Reduction? (photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon about a year ago to have botox for Jawline reduction. I've had it done before and the results were great, but this time I... READ MORE

Nurse Hit Nerve During Botox Injection: Will the Sensation Ever go Away?

I had a botox injection late October. When the Nurse injected between my eye brows I felt something pull on top of my head along with an electrical... READ MORE

Nerve damage due to Botox?? (photos)

My doctor accidentally injected my infraorbital nerve with Botox. Then proceeded to inject something else into the the nerve to complete the numbing.... READ MORE

Can botox injections permanently injure facial nerve?

I came across an article that was written back in 2010 regarding the actress "Dana Delany" and how she allegedly had a facial nerve that was struck... READ MORE

Possible Atrophy or Nerve Damage Caused by Botox?

I am only 39 yo and had 2 botox injections (2nd was a fix bc my eyelids became so puffy)! almost 9 mths ago for very mild forehead wrinkles and crows... READ MORE

Can Botox cause nerve damage?

I had Botox 13 weeks ago. I'm now getting movement back but my eye still looks slightly dropped and between my eyebrows and across my eyebrow the eye... READ MORE

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