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Lump, Swelling and Bruising After Botox

I had botox done 2 days ago and I he hit a blood vessel causing a nickel size lump that he said would go away in 2 hours. It never went away though I... READ MORE

Lump Above Eyebrow After Botox in Forehead

After having botox in upper forehead five days later I have developed a lump above my eyebrow and feel a lot of heavy pressure above my eyebrows, is... READ MORE

Will Icing Help Lump After Botox Injection?

Just had Botox injection in my glabella, now have a lump there. Can I use ice immediately after injection? READ MORE

Is Botox My Best Bet For Pebble Chin Treatment? Costs?

I'm 19 years old and have developed what I believe is called "pebble chin". When I smile my chin has little bumps and lumps on it and it... READ MORE

Will the Nickel Size Lump over my Right Eye Dissipate over Time After Botox?

I had dysport injections on my upper forehead 9 days ago. It seemed to make my glabellar lines more prominent so I went back and had botox injections... READ MORE

Lumps on forehead after Botox injections? When will they go away? (Photo)

I've gotten Botox injections in my forehead from my dermotologist for a little over 2 years now and have never had an issue. This time, I experienced... READ MORE

Lumps from Botox?

I've had Botox a few times on the forehead and around the eyes - with no issues until the last time 3 months ago. 2 weeks after the injections, I got... READ MORE

Accidental Bump of Botoxed Eye Area

I had Botox injections for my crow feet around my eyes. Accidently, my youngest child bumped the corner of my left eye with the corner of his book. ... READ MORE

Reaction After Botox- Cyst, Lump and Sunken Eyes

This last week was my third botox treamtment in 4 years, withint the hour of threatment, in the forehead only, both my ears but specially the right on... READ MORE

Is Swelling And Lumpiness 1 Day After Botox In Chin Normal?

I had Botox injections in my chin yesterday to smooth out the muscle (by a board certified cosmetic surgeon). Today, the muscle that was injected is... READ MORE

Hard lumps on head after botox which are still swollen after 3 days. Why did this happen? (Photo)

I had Botox injected 2 weeks ago and it was fine then I had my top up and within 12 hours all the injection sites had swollen to what looked like... READ MORE

I Got Botox in my Forehead 12 Mths Ago and Developed Two Lumps Within 4-5 Days. I Still Have the Lumps. Will They Disappear?

One of the lumps is a 'V' shape above my right eyebrow and the other lump is circular and 4cm in diameter located above my left eyebrow. I... READ MORE

Botox Dilution, Would that Cause Botox to be Lumpy?

My dermatologist's assistant told me that the reason I sometimes get big lumps from Botox injections is because the practice dilutes the Botox... READ MORE

Bags and lumps under the eyes after Botox and Radiesse/hyaluronic acid injections - what can I do?

I had Botox as well as Radiesse and h.a. injections. First I did the botox (perfect!). Later I had Radiesse and my doc also injected h.a. in the eye... READ MORE

Botox and Hit in Forehead. Is the Bump Permanent?

I had Botox injected into forehead & btwn eyebrows Dec. 3 and Jan. 1 was hit in forehead with a car door. Quite a heavy blow, immediately became... READ MORE

Big lump after Botox in chin help?! (photo)

I'm 21 and have always been embarrassed of my strong jaw and cobblestone chin. I got botox three days ago, the doc put 20 units because my mentalis... READ MORE

2 days post botox and I have a lump across my chin. Should I let it heal or do I need more botox?

I had Botox on Thursday evening and when I woke up yesterday I had a bump/ ledge across my chin when I move my mouth in certain positions. The bump... READ MORE

Please Help!! Lump under skin after Botox. What is it and how can I get rid of it? (Photo)

I had about 15 units of Botox injected into my 11 lines back in February. I noticed about a month ago that I had a bulge or lump under the skin above... READ MORE

What caused red, swollen lumps on forehead after Botox? (photo)

After receiving Botox several places on face, total of 32 units, the next morning there was two lumps slightly above eyebrows. No lumps at other... READ MORE

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