Hollowness + Botox

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How to Minimize Rectangular/square Face or Strong Jaw Bone?

Hi I have a very strong jaw bone, they make my face look square/rectangle. They are so strong that it makes me look hollow in the cheek. are there... READ MORE

Why did Botox cause hollowness around my eyes? How long will it last?

A few days after botox injections, I noticed hollowness around my eyes followed by eye bags. What is causing the hollowness? I also have ptosis in my... READ MORE

Is Hourglass Deformity (Hollowing in the Temples) Seen in Cosmetic Use or Only Migraine Treatment?

A RealSelfer shared "after doing some online research I have discovered that "Hourglass deformity" - a caving in of the temples due to muscle loss -... READ MORE

Would Restylane for my tear trough and Botox for my crow's feet give me good results? (UPDATED PHOTOS)

I am a 36 y/o female living in NYC with some hollowing/creasing/ wrinkling under my eyes and some crows feet that are prominent when I smile. I am... READ MORE

Juvaderm, Botox, Photofacial Age 25?

I am 25 and I would say I look my age in terms of aging. I wanted to start anti aging and I went and got small amounts of botox and juvaderm for some... READ MORE

Botox have spread all over my face after a massage. How long does it take to wear off? Looking like a freak.

I had 10 units injected in each masseter ( for grinding) 1 week ago, ( my 11,s ( glabella) about 1 month ago. I had a deep tissue massage in the face... READ MORE

Botox at 21?

Hello, I am a 21 year old with eyes of a 50 year old. Growing up the black circles kept getting worse as well as the hollowness of my eyes. My brows... READ MORE

My under eyes were hollow not bags. What was my plastic surgeon thinking when he injected me under my eyes?

I am so swollen under my eyes now, I bruised and he knew I had a photo shoot 2 days later as well as my sons wedding 4 weeks later as well. I asked... READ MORE

Loss fat under eyes by Botox and Machine. Will fat under eyes reproduce by my age? Is fat atrophy? How can I fix it? (photos)

I'm 28 yrs old suffer from wrong botox injection for 4 mths. Doctor injected for me in wrong area under eyes -corner of under eyes near the nose next... READ MORE

Can the hollowing of temples go away once discontinuing Botox?

Can the hollowing of temples go away once discontinuing Botox or Will this be a permanent deformation? I receive Botox for migraines READ MORE

Removal of under eye hollowness? (Photo)

The #1 pic shows my under eyes when I'm not smiling. #2 pic shows severe under eye hallowness when I smile. I hate it and it makes my undereyes look... READ MORE

Outer eyes area looking hollow. Also a little swollen on upper cheeks (Photo)

Outer areas of my eyes look hollow, also the upper cheeks seem a little swollen? Not concerned about tear through, just outer eye areas. I'm a Botox... READ MORE

Can Botox lift the bottom cheeks around the lips? (Photo)

I have a roundish face and i wanna get rid of the the loose fat on my cheeks. whenever i don't pout or suck in my cheeks, my face looks fat. i want a... READ MORE

Would Fillers or Botox help with cheek depression when smiling? (photos)

One thing I strongly dislike is a depression / sort of hollowness that shows up in my cheeks when I smile - mainly on the left side of the face. Is... READ MORE

Hollow upper eyelid. Is there any non surgical way to minimize the look? (Photo)

My upper eyelid has become very hollow making me look older than 35. Besides filler is there any non surgical way to minimise the look? Would Botox... READ MORE

Botox in buccinators for hollow cheeks? (Photo)

Is it possible to have botox injected in the buccinators to create a more hollow cheeks like male models have (combined with buccal fat removal).... READ MORE

Could I get facial fillers and Botox before I go get minor surgery for an uneven lip line due to an accident?

I have an appointment for fillers for the hollowness under my eyes and Botox to bring up my eyebrows a little bit. I have this scheduled first then I... READ MORE

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