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3 Weeks Post Botox, Hit My Forehead, Have A Hard Bump?

Botox on Forehead 3 Weeks Prior then Banged my Head.  Injury Healed but Have a Weird, Hard Bump? Why? READ MORE

Botox and Hit in Forehead. Is the Bump Permanent?

I had Botox injected into forehead & btwn eyebrows Dec. 3 and Jan. 1 was hit in forehead with a car door. Quite a heavy blow, immediately became... READ MORE

Had Botox/Filler Injections Yesterday, Hit my Left Cheek/Nose by Accident, Nose Now Seem Lower on Left Side Nostril? (photo)

I had filler and botox injections yesterday and accidentally hit my nose/cheek on left side a few hrs later. This afternoon I freaked out when... READ MORE

Hit my forehead with the visor of my car. I'm worried it might have caused trauma to my Botox and caused it to migrate?

I received Botox on the top part of my forehead and in my 11's. 4 hours later I hit it. What are the chances!?Thankfully it wasn't worse like a car... READ MORE

Can a Bump On The Head Affect Botox Which Was Given 3 Weeks Ago?

I had betox 3 weeks ago and today I fell and banged my head badly on the brow bone which is really swollen. Will this affect my botox? READ MORE

Hit in the face 48 hours after 1st Botox?

I had my first Botox injection 48hrs ago (forehead, frown line and crows feet) and I just got hit in the face with a soccer ball. I'm worried that... READ MORE

Hit my head very hard 2-3 hours after Botox in my jaw. Will this affect the outcome of my procedure in any way?

I hit my head very hard on my forehead and on top of my head 2-3 hours after I had Botox on my jaw to help with tmj and to slim my jaw. I'm very... READ MORE

When hitting the sciatic nerve, is there any backflow of blood?

Im thinking maybe she hit the sciatic nerve.because I'm still in bed at that time when she administered to me the injection. And i ask her if there's... READ MORE

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