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Botox Units Needed to Correct Gummy Smile?

How many units of Botox is needed to reduce the amount of lifting of the upper lip when smiling, so as to correct a gummy smile? READ MORE

Side Effects of Botox Injections for TMJ?

I had Botox injections in my face due to TMJ problems. My TMJ was caused due to trama to my face a year and a half ago. My oral surgeon injected... READ MORE

Botox for Neuralgia Pain Management?

Is it possible to inject Botox inside the mouth high up near the nose. I have neuralgia above two teeth in the gums near my nose.I get sharp pain in... READ MORE

Botox Injected into Gums Instead of Novocain

My doctor seemingly injected Botox into my gums instead of Novocain by accident. Now my smile is distorted. She was supposed to use Novocain to numb... READ MORE

Botox in Gums for Nerve Pain?

I am getting ready to have botox injected into my gum due to scar tissue that has bound up a nerve and is causing me continuous pain. Have you ever... READ MORE

Best solution for my gummy smile? Gingevectomy? Botox? (photos)

Aside from the obvious cosmetic and aesthetic benefits to this, I am also concerned for my gum health due to their constant exposure. I have already... READ MORE

Can I inject Botox to my gum to close spaces in between my teeth? (Photo)

I have space in my bottom tooth ,and my doctor told me that I can inject Botox to my gum will help to close the Space is that something that will work... READ MORE

Oral gum nerve damage from wisdom tooth extraction. Can Botox injections help?

Can botox imjections help with swelling, numbness and pain in lower and upper gum. Mostly upper is the worse. Rotates everyday, fom upper to lower... READ MORE

Asymmetrical smile options? (photos)

I love my smile and dimple on the left side of my face BUT my rounded smile on the right side of my face gives me crows feet / double chin / and shows... READ MORE

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