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How to Get Rid of Cheek Wrinkles? (photo)

I am 27 years old and have wrinkles on my cheeks when I smile. When I'm not smiling they are not as noticeable but they're still there. The right side... READ MORE

Why Didn't Botox Work on my Masseter Muscle?

I have had botox injection at my both cheeks November last year , but so far it does not really show any effect. I put a lot of hope in it and thought... READ MORE

Is Botox used for laugh lines and small wrinkles in cheek area?

Is Botox used for laugh lines and small wrinkles in cheek area? Also is it common to use Botox under eyes for bags and dark circles? READ MORE

Plump Cheeks After Botox

I had Botox in the crow's feet 5 weeks ago, and now my cheeks look too plump. When I smile, it makes deep wrinkles, where the cheek swells, and the... READ MORE

I Had Jaw Reduction Botox 2 and a Half Months Ago but Now my Jaw is the Same and my Cheeks Have Really Sunken In. What Happened?

I had botox for jaw reduction 2 and a half moths ago. I really hate the results. The jaw is the same but my cheeks have sunken in and I feel that the... READ MORE

Will Botox Help Wrinkles That Appear Only when I Smile?

I have big wrinkles under my eyes and on my cheeks, but only when I smile. Otherwise my skin looks pretty smooth. Will botox help this? Will botox... READ MORE

Cannot Smile After Botox Injected into Cheeks

I have had Botox many times around the eyes, but he has always put Restylane in my cheeks. I am not sure why he decided to us Botox in my cheeks. He... READ MORE

Swollen Cheeks After Botox for Crow's Feet

I had Botox on my crows feet two weeks ago. The first week was fine, lines have gone. However, I now have swollen cheeks and look hideous and so... READ MORE

Sagging Lower Eyelids After Botox

Can injecting around the upper cheek area under the outer edges of the eye cause muscle weekness affecting lower eyelid sag. I was showing the signs... READ MORE

Botox for Crows Feet First or Cheek Fillers?

When considering Botox to erase crows feet and fillers to plump or slightly lift cheeks, and unable to do both at the same time, which is better to do... READ MORE

Cheek and Forehead Tingling After Brow Line Botox

I live in Korea and went to have Botox for my brow line. The doctor did not advice or told me after procedure care, so I massaged it 9 hours after the... READ MORE

Does Position Matter For Botox Injection?

I've seen it advertised to have patients lie in the Trendelenburg position while administering Botox. Supposedly the blood flowing to the face... READ MORE

Muscle Stimulation Machine to Get Rid of Botox?

A doctor overinjected my masseter muscles with botox (he almost might have gone too low on my crows feet, I'm not sure which) and now I can't... READ MORE

What to Do About Eyelid Swelling After Botox?

Eight days ago, I had 1 vial of Botox injections. My eyelids have become increasingly swollen. I also have high, puffy cheekbones that makes the... READ MORE

Botox in Masseter - Now Saggy Cheeks

I am only 32, but since having botox in my masseter (and gaining half a stone) I seem to have developed saggy cheeks/jowls. My face looks flat and my... READ MORE

Botox Moving Around Face Causing Swelling, Blurry Vision, High BP

Opthamologist thinks vision is blurry/changing b/c eyes are extremely dry. GP thinks I'm having a bad allergic reaction-2 Claritin/day helps. I... READ MORE

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