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Are Fillers Or Botox Best for Fine Lines Under the Eyes?

I have little fine lines under my eyes as well as hereditary dark circles. I was tod fillers were the best option for me, I'm worried that the filer... READ MORE

Is it normal to have horizontal lines on the forehead at age 20?

I am 20 year old female and I am starting to notice I'm having horizontal lines on my forehead. Also could it be when I tie up my long hair in a bun... READ MORE

Botox As a Preventive Measure - Antiaging

I'm young and am very concerned about aging. I've read that Botox can be used as a preventive measure, but couldn't find a lot of information about it... READ MORE

I Frown Without Even Realizing It, How Can I Stop This Worried, Angry and Concerned Facial Expression of Mine? (photo)

I have recently been told at work and even when out with friends I have a worried, angry and/or concerned facial expression even though I am not... READ MORE

What are The Benefits to Using Botox at a Younger Age?

Are there studies that show Botox will prevent deep wrinkles if patients start using it sooner? READ MORE

How can the indentation on my forehead be treated? (photo)

I am 21 and am rapidly developing indents in my forehead. I am considering botox and dermal fillers READ MORE

Would a Botox Browlift Help with Droopy Eyelids?

I am 23 years old and I have a kind of droopy eyelids my plastic surgeon told me that eyelid surgery wouldn't make such a difference because a lot... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Face Look Softer? (photo)

Hi, I have a harsh, angular lower face. Is there any non surgical proceedures I can use to soften its appearance? Also, my chin seems to carry fat... READ MORE

Botox for Forehead Lines on a 21 Year Old?

I am 21 years old, I scrunch my forehead a lot without knowing it and have lines now. Should I get Botox on it to relive the lines a little bit. Would... READ MORE

Botox on the Depressor Anguli Oris Muscle?

Hello! I am 21 years old yet I have downturned corners of the mouth and what seems to be like a very slight marionette line. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Botox for Face Tightening?

I had very deep acne scars, but I had a few laser treatments to treat them and they have been diminished to a point where you can barely seem them. My... READ MORE

Botox for Droopy Mouth?

The reason my mouth droops is because of a hyperactive DAO. Unlike most other people who have this problem, I'm very young (18) so while my mouth... READ MORE

Will Botox Fix my Asymmetrical Eyebrows/eyelids? (photo)

21 year old female. My right eyebrow's muscle is a lot stronger than my left. This makes it look uneven and is more apparent when I smile. My left eye... READ MORE

Through Grinding my Teeth my Masseter Muscle Has Increased? Will It Decrease in Time?

Im 18 years old and have trouble with grinding my teeth at night . I now have a mouth guard to wear through the night to prevent this. My question is... READ MORE

Botox for Droopy Eyelids? (photo)

I'm only 21 so I don't want or need a surgical lift, but I do feel my eyelids are a little droopy towards the outer edges, and always give me this... READ MORE

Does wearing hair tight stretch the soft skin tissue of face? is it irreversible?

I am 23 years old and have been wearing a tight ponytail since i was about 14. I will usually loosen it during the time i am home or sleeping. I feel... READ MORE

I'm only 19 & I have excessive skin on my forehead. How I can get rid of loose skin without Botox or Surgery? (photo)

When my face is relaxed I look mad. When I look down my forehead sags. When I rub my head my forehead wrinkles up. How can I permanently change this READ MORE

How Much Botox for Preventative Treatment?

I am planning on getting preventative Botox and wanted to know how many units you would suggest for someone who is not trying to fix wrinkles. From... READ MORE

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